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Student Reps

Università Bocconi promotes student participation in the governance of university life, giving space to active student participation in the University's collegial bodies.

In fact, according to its Statute and Regulations, elections are held every two years to elect the following representatives:

  • 5 student representatives of the Faculty Council;
  • 2 student representatives of University sports;
  • 3 student representatives of the ISU Bocconi Board;
  • 1 student representative for each Department Council;
  • 3 student representatives for each School Council (Undergraduate, Graduate and Law).

During those same elections, the Terna is also elected. This triad is made up of the three candidates to the University Board who take the largest number of votes during the elections, and the Javotte Bocconi Institution traditionally selects one student representative from among them to participate in University Board proceedings.

Once a year, however, elections are held for student representatives in degree program Committees (four students for Undergraduate Bachelor programs and the Combined Bachelor and Master of Science program and two students for Graduate Master of Science programs) and class representatives (two representatives for each study program class group).

Three student representatives elected for the Faculty Council, selected by the Student Council, may also actively participate in the Academic Board proceedings.

Lastly, student representatives contribute to the University life through the Student Council, an advisory body which coordinates student representative activity.


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