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Create a new association

Any Bocconi student can create a Bocconi student association, provided that:

  1. Its statutory objectives are not in conflict with Italian law
  2. Its statutory objectives are not in conflict with the University's regulations and values
  3. Its aims to not overlap with the University’s institutional activities.

However, in order to support student associations and allocate the resources available, Bocconi has established the Association List. 

Requirements and modalities for applying for the registration of a new association are indicated in the Regulations for Registering and Accessing Services for Student Associations at Bocconi University.

Only associations registered on the List may access the resources provided by the University, which include: 

  • Spaces on campus where activities can be organized
    September 2020 update: until further notice, all initiaves can be organized online only.
  • University funding for events/activities organized by associations
  • Several communication tools available to promote events/activities, among which a Bocconi e-mail account created just for the association and a personal page on the University website.



You can apply for the registration of a new associations during two rounds of applications.
The second round of application for AY 2020-2021 is from 16 to 25 November, 2020.
Confirmation of successful registration will be communicated following the CASA Committee meeting in January 2021. 


  1. Submission of all required documentation through the online form.
  2. Completion of the Regulation knowledge test.
  3. Presence of at least 10 founder members (Bocconi students).
  4. At least 150 signatures in support of the creation of the association (to be collected through the you@B online procedure).

Required documentation:

  • Statute: in compliance with laws, codes of conducts and Bocconi University's principles and regulations, that includes admission criteria, manager's selection criteria, objectives and scopes and that states the absence of any kind of discrimination. For further information, click HERE.
  • Logo (if present)
  • Document including composition, activities and relationships with third parties (member list, report of events/activities held, declaration of partnerships with student association from other Universities and/or with institutional bodies, list of third parties that support economically the association). This document will be available only upon completion of the test.
    Click HERE to download.


  • From 2 to 16 December 2020
  1. Collect the signatures supporting the registration to the List, through the designated procedure in the You@B Agenda;
  2. Complete the Regulation knowledge test available on Blackboard.
    The CASA Committee Technical Secretary will send you instructions about further procedures by December 1, 2020.

    Please note!
    In order to complete both steps from 2 to 16 December, it is required to have applied through the online form according to the set timeline (from 16 to 25 November).


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