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Bocconi Sport Team running group is looking for new students to be included in the middle distance and road running team. For 2018/2019 season appointments, both local and regional races, we intend to increase our team of athletes ready to represent Bocconi Sport Team and to achieve new satisfactions. The two weekly workouts, every Monday and Wednesday at Forza e Coraggio track, via Gallura 8,  will give all participants the opportunity to improve their performance and defend blue/orange colors. Anyone who would like to be member of the running group or wants more information can write to bocconisporteam@unibocconi.it.

Standing from the left: Nicolò Zingales, Giacomo Manca, Roberto Matteucci, Elena Vittone (captain), Edoardo Cattapan
Below from the left: Alessandro Eusepi, Stefano Bolzi

The Bocconi Sport Team’s running group is particularly active in middle-distance athletics and road running. There are two training sessions a week (Monday and Wednesday from 8 p.m., on the Forza e Coraggio track, in Via Gallura 8) that have the objective to prepare the athletes for the weekend and also weekday races (that happen mostly in the Spring period) that happen in Milan and surrounding areas.

At university level there is the possibility to participate in the “Palio” organized by CUS Milano, in the regional championships and even the SELL games that are held in May in the Baltic countries. All these initiatives are open to students who are also members of other athletic groups.

The most important event of the season for the club is its participation in the 24x1 hour relay race, that is also held  in the month of May but we cannot forget the Stramilano, the Milano City Marathon and other interesting races that happen every year in Milan.

The club is also dedicated to those who don’t want to participate in competitive activities, as it offers the opportunity to train in good company with programs specifically dedicated to improving its members performance. After registering to Bocconi Sports Team , all you need is a good pair of running shoes, a chronometer and a desire to start running with this very active group that has fun as well as performance as its top priorities.


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