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Volunteer Desk

Thanks to collaborations with CSV Milano (the Volunteer Services center) and the student association Students for Humanity, the Desk provides general information on volunteering and orients students interested in dedicating themselves to social engagement.

There are hundreds of associations working in the Milan area, as well as summer and international opportunities.

Academic Year 2020-21

Over the past few months, many associations have become equipped to continue to provide services remotely and are looking for volunteers to:

  • support kids and teenagers doing homework, studying and socializing
  • contribute to teaching Italian
  • find job offers for people who are struggling
  • explain IT skills to increase remote opportunities
  • contribute to raising funds and collecting goods
  • support communication or administration activities
  • collaborate during social occasions with people with mental disorders (cultural, artistic and writing workshops)

Remote activities can often be modulated according your availability timewise wherever you happen to be, without needing to travel.

Some remote activities can also be completed in English.

Other activities, however, require proximity and continue to be held in person:

  • helping unhoused persons (evening distribution of food, hot beverages, clothing and blankets)
  • service at food banks open to people who are struggling
  • collecting, selecting and making food and clothing available to those who are struggling
  • collaborating in activities in the mother-child community
  • academic support for young children
  • snack parties with unhoused elderly people
  • …. and teaching to play the guitar and repair bicycles, cleaning parks and gardens…

All these in-person activities are held in compliance with the safety and social distancing measures required to protect the health of the entire community.

Some in-person activities can also be carried out in English.

If you would like to donate some of your time to someone who needs your support, you can do so in the way that best suits your available time and preferences.

If you’re interested in learning more about the opportunities offered by the various associations, you can contact the Bocconi Volunteer Desk by writing to deskvolontariato@unibocconi.it

In the meantime, please complete the form at the link below. It will be used to better understand your request and find the best fit for your interests, your available time and the support needs indicated by non-profit organizations:


You can also request a remote appointment via Skype or Microsoft Teams from 9:30am to 4:30pm on the following days:

  • February: 9, 16 and 23 February 2021
  • March: 2, 9 and 23 March 2021
  • April: 13, 20 and 27 April 2021
  • May: 4 and 11 May 2021


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