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Una scelta possibile

Università Bocconi recognizes social engagement and responsibility as values that are integral to its institutional identity. The University also believes it is important to offer students, faculty and staff support regarding this issue, not only by providing opportunities for reflection, but also by assisting them in concrete undertakings.

The activities that the University has achieved over the years to support deserving students are included in this area. In particular, this has been done through a system of economic support assigned on the basis of student profiles and economic conditions.

Starting in 2013-2014, the “Una Scelta Possibile” project has been added to Community and Social Engagement. It offers motivated and deserving students from disadvantaged social and economic environments the opportunity to overcome these starting conditions and access excellent higher education.

The project was created with the belief that supporting bright young people eager to apply themselves in their personal growth, making sure they do not forgo higher education due to economic problems. This not only allows the ethical values of solidarity and social justice to be put into practice, but it also creates value for the surrounding community and the country in general.

The University and Social Need

Many reports and studies demonstrate that the chance to attend university is  dictated largely by the socio-economic conditions of each student’s family.

Data from Italy is not encouraging: the number of graduates is well under the European average (according to OECD data, in 2012 only 19% of those aged 30-34 in Italy had a university degree, against the European average of 30%), and there is a high rate of scholastic dispersion.  

The economic crisis has also made things worse, greatly affecting all Italian families, and is exacerbated for families already in difficulty. In addition, over the past three years there has been a decrease in national funds financing scholarships, resulting in a decrease in the percentage of students entitled to funding during their education (in 2009 84% of students were eligible, in 2011, the percentage dropped to 75%).

Though employment and wages for university graduates continue to be better than those of secondary school graduates, the set of factors described has resulted in University enrollments in Italy to fall by 4% over the past three years.

“Una Scelta Possibile”: The Bocconi project for social mobility

Considering Italy’s current situation, and the repercussions in the education sector, Università Bocconi has an even stronger commitment to supporting and valorizing talented students, removing the socio-economic barriers that block their access to higher education.

“Una Scelta Possibile” offers a limited number of students from the Region of Lombardy, with an excellent academic records but an economically or socially disadvantaged family background, the chance to attend Bocconi for an entire Bachelor program or the five-year Law program, with access to important economic support.

The initiative is aimed at students of any nationality enrolled in their last year of a secondary school in the Region of Lombardy from families who are significantly socially or economically disadvantaged.

The ideal candidate is a student who has demonstrated commitment and excellent academic records, but whose family situation blocks access to higher education, even with the support of assistance provided by the national and regional right to study system.

For the 2016-2017 a.y., Università Bocconi will admit to the “Una Scelta Possibile” project students that attend Bachelor programs in Economics or the Combined Bachelor and Master of Science in Law at the University and have participated in one of the following selection sessions:

- winter session
- spring session.

The project will provide the selected students with the opportunity to benefit from a financial aid package which includes a full tuition waiver. One or more of the following benefits may also be assigned in addition to the full tuition waiver as additional funding, according to the economic difficulties of the household to which the student belongs:

  • free housing at the University Residences
  • free meals at on-campus dining halls
  • a scholarship of approximately 4,000 euros (gross).

The assistance can be renewed for subsequent years at the conditions laid out by the University.

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