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Community Days 2020

Community Days is an opportunity for anyone to contribute to social issues, even if they don’t have much time. On the two days of the event, members of the Bocconi community – students, faculty and staff, all working together – can donate a few hours of their free time to volunteering.

Taking part in Community Days doesn't require any specific training. The only requirement is a desire to be helpful with a smile and care to anyone who is in need.

There is a wide variety of opportunities available: from children to the elderly, from culture to marginalization. 


The seventh edition of Community Days will be held on 21 and 22 February, 2020.

From 20 January to 9 February, it will be possible to register by filling out the form online (here havailable) and indicate 2 preferences among the Associations available.
The selected preferences will be assigned on the first come, first served criteria, as long as vacancies are left in the slot.



Area of activity: Assistance to homeless individuals


Description of the association: For the past twenty years the Association has been taking care of homeless individuals, through services such as cooking, sheltering, medical check-ups, on-the-street medical care and others.

Association link: www.fratellisanfrancesco.it

This year the Association offers two different activites, to be treated as separated:

Mensa: Volunteers have the task of distributing meals, cleaning of tables and of internal structures.

Address: Via Saponaro 40

The ideal volunteer: Practical with a desire to help anyone experiencing poverty and marginalization,                                               available to serve others.

Notes: Warm and comfortable attire / sportswear

Date: 21 February at lunch / 21 Februay at dinner / 22 February at lunch / 22 February at dinner 

Mobile Unit: The mobile Unit goes around the city helping homeless individuals in the streets, railway stations and abandoned areas to provide assistance and counseling.

 Address: Start from Via Bertoni 9

 The ideal volunteer: Empathic

 Notes: Warm and comfortable attire/sportswear

 Date: 21 February evening /  22 February evening 

Associazione Sarepta Onlus  

Area of activity: Women and children's rights


Description of the association: The purpose of the Association is the defense of the fundamental rights of women and children, who live everyday situations of discomfort. They try to provide valid answers to their needs, helping them to come out of their isolation and fear.

Association link: www.sarepta.it

Description of activity: We are in need of a valid help to riorganize donations of clothing and toys.

The ideal volunteer: Good logistic skills

Date: 21 February afternoon

Address: Via Madre Carolina Orsenigo 1


Address: Via Nino Bixio, 30

Area of activity: Mobile Unit


Description of the association: 1) Donation of scholarships to deserving but not wealthy students. 2) Helping homeless individuals with a Mobile Unit 3) Student housing for working students 4) Donations to 2 orchestras in Milan 5) Education of children, especially abroad

Association link: www.fondazioneisacchisamaja.it

Description of activity: Preparation of food for homeless individuals; delivery of food and company to homeless individuals around the city. 
The ideal volunteer: Mature and caring individual.

Date: 22 February evening

Address: Via Nino Bixio, 30


Area of activity: Sorting clothing
Description of the association: A reception center for homeless individuals with addiction problems, with a portfolio of services for families, indigent adults, elderly who are struggling, refugees and asylum applicants.
Association link: www.progettoarca.org
Description of activity: Progetto Arca wardrobe activities. Clothing for more than 2,000 guests welcomed in Milan, Lecco and Varese are prepared with care and in an orderly manner. Small groups will be organized to sort the donated clothing with the aim of providing a clean change of clothes every day at the centers.
The ideal volunteer: Practical with a desire to help anyone experiencing poverty and marginalization, available to serve others.
Notes: Warm and comfortable attire/sportswear

Date: 21 February afternoon

Address: Via Aldini 74

Associazione “Comunità Nuova” Onlus

Area of activity: Helping young people
Description of the association: Comunità Nuova is a not for profit organization working in the field of helping and empowering young people in need. 

Association link: www.comunitanuova.it

The organization is asking for help on two types of activities, to be considered as separate:

Doposcuola: Helping young people with homework

         Address: Centro per Giovani Via delle Forze Armate, 179

         Language: ITALIAN / ENGLISH

         The ideal volunteer: Will to experience new environments and roles.

         Notes: Comfortable clothing that can get dirty are recommended.

         Date: 21 February afternoon 

“Metti mano al tuo spazio”: Work of decoration and renewal of spaces. Cleaning and maintenance of internal and external spaces.

         Address:  Centro per Giovani Via delle Forze Armate, 179

         Language: ITALIAN / ENGLISH

        The ideal volunteer: Will to experience new environments and roles.

         Note: Comfortable clothing that can get dirty are recommended.

         Date: 22 February morning

Associazione Veronica Sacchi Onlus

Area of activity: Visits to pediatric wards and hospices

Description of the association: Volunteers pay visits to pediatric wards, hospices and centers for people with disabilities around Milan and Lecco.

Association link: www.veronicasacchi.it

Description of activity: After a moment of illustration of the organization's activities, volunteers will head out and entertain the residents of a hospice.

The ideal volunteer: Empathy towards elder people

Notes: Comfortable and colourful clothing

Date: 21 February afternoon

Address: RSA Don Orione, in viale Caterina da Forli 19


Area of activity: Helping people in poverty


Description of the association: Management of a temporary dormitory for homeless people.

Description of activity: Registration of new guests, distribution of meals, establish human relations, play games, cleaning.

The ideal volunteer: Empathic towards other people

Notes: need to bring a sleeping bag, warm clothes and a pillow.

Date: 21 February evening and night

Address: Corso di Porta Vigentina 15

Opera Cardinal Ferrari onlus

Area of activity: Helping adults and elders in socioeconomic difficulty

Description of the association: Center for adults and elders in difficulty, often homeless, to which are given food, shelter and clothing, but also a chance of socializing. 

Association link: www.operacardinalferrari.it

Description of activity: Volunteers will play some games with the guests (such as cards and bocce) and chat with them as ordinary people. At lunch they will serve to the 180 guests.

The ideal volunteer: Availability to meet and listen to people in difficulty and often lonely.

Date: 22 February morning

Address: Via G.B. Boeri 3

Centro ambrosiano di Aiuto alla Vita (CAV Ambrosiano)

Area of activity: Support to women with difficult pregnancies


Description of the association: The purpose of the association is that every new life, born or still to be born, could be accepted by the mother, the father, the family of birth and the society in general.

Association link: www.cavambrosiano.it

Description of activity: Among the initiatives there is the TOYS FOR FOOD campaign, working for:

- gather used toys and books for children

- select them and verify their condition

- organize free-offer stands with the selected articles 

Date: 21 February afternoon / 22 February morning

Address: Via Tonezza 3

Il Balzo Onlus

Area of activity: Support to people with disabilities
Description of the association: Il Balzo takes care of children, teenagers and adults with disabilities through educational paths.

Association Link: www.ilbalzo.com
Description of activity: Volunteers will take part in a creative lab helping people with disabilities (of age 18-45) 

The ideal volunteer: Wants to meet others.

Date: 21 February afternoon 

Address: Via Guido Rossa 2/E, Rozzano

Nuova Acropoli Lombardia – PASS project  

Area of activity: Helping underaged people
Description of the association: Nuova Acropoli is an association active in the sectors of culture, ecology and social issues.

Association Link:  www.progettopass.it
Description of activity: Cleaning of graffiti in the Garibaldi Train Station Underpass. 

The ideal volunteer: wants to get children involved in a practical activity and to transmit the importance of teamwork.

Date: 22 February afternoon

Address: Garibaldi Train Station Underpass

Notes: Comfortable clothing

Community Days have been organized in collaboration with CIESSEVI and the student association Students for Humanity.

Bocconi is social. And you?



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