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Campus Life offers many opportunities to improve your awareness of the relationship between mind and body and to adopt a healthy and balanced lifestyle, thus achieving a psychophysical balance and all-around personal health.

Courses requires a minimum number of participants in order to be activated.

Mindfulness Area

On 6 March 2023 a Mindfulness Area has been opened on campus. This area is meant to be a space for reflection, and individual mindfulness and meditation practices.

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Dedicated to all those who need to improve your awareness of the relationship between mind and body.

Upcoming activities:

Yoga for Stress Relief
16 May 2023 at 6:30pm
14 June 2023 at 6:30pm

Past activities:

Hara Yoga course
6-13-20-27 March 2023, 6:30pm-8pm
The first one will be an open class on the occasion of the inauguration of the mindfulness area.

This practice draws on various areas of interest in Eastern tradition, offered as a valid tool for achieving psychophysical balance. Placing oneself in harmony with the source of life energy located in the stomach (HARA), muscular strengthening and resistance are improved and joints are freed from states of excessive tensing and lack of flexibility. The course offers a variety of useful and stimulating techniques. Each lesson will have different rhythms: energetic and focused (WASA), slower and more intense (KRIYA), purification exercises (DHAUTI) as well as keeping still in several positions (ASANA). The study and control of breathing (PRANAYAMA), our primary source of energy, is at the basis of each technique proposed.
As instructions will be given both in Italian and in English, this course is available also to English speakers.

A medical certificate for non-competitive sporting activities is required.

Bocconi signed an agreement to obtain a certificate at a special price with the following institutions:

Euromedica (€ 45). For further information please click here.

Humanitas (€ 50, cardiological visit included).
For information: 02.03009152, medicinalavoro@mc.humanitas.it

Instructor: Asahi Nicolò Cameroni

Where: On campus (Campus Life Space, via Bocconi 12, mezzanine floor "Mindfulness Area").

The activity will be open also to Faculty and Staff Members, but priority will be given to students.
Comfortable clothing should be worn.

20€ to be paid through the online Bocconi University's Online Payment Platform. Click on "Access as BOCCONI USER", select "Campus life" and choose the product "Yoga".

Health and Wellbeing

After the "Healthy Habits" seminars, during the second semester you will have the chance to participate in several activities on prevention, health and wellbeing offered in collaboration with health institutes.

> 2 March 2023: Free Hearing Test on campus, in collaboration with Amplifon

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