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Individual Counseling

The service offers all Bocconi students and Masters SDA the opportunity to get professional assistance for the development and achievement of their individual, academic and professional potential.

The psychological counseling supports students in managing the different challenges related to their university life.

This service provides a confidential support space to help students better understand and manage challenges they are facing related to academics, adjusting to university life in Milan, or interpersonal dynamics.

What to expect from Counseling

The counseling sessions provide the opportunity to analyze your concerns, reflect upon the causes of your problems, and evaluate the possible related feelings and emotions; furthermore, the sessions aim to help you find different solutions to improve your individual situation, drawing on your personal resources and assisting you in discovering new and more effective strategies.

A professional psychologist could help you gain a better understanding about your personal experience and contextualize it, supporting you in developing objectivity, the ability to switch perspective, and experience to face different kinds of problems. This could be useful to analyze complex issues from a different point of view, helping you feel better able to handle them.

It could be the case you are ready to face a long-standing conflict or concern from the past, or you are dealing with new challenges while living your university experience (e.g., complying with academic expectations, getting used to a different culture, or managing new social relationships): our counseling service could be the right solution for you.

We suggest that you avoid waiting too long, until the problem becomes even bigger – ask for an appointment while the situation still seems manageable, so that it is possible to solve it sooner.

Bocconi’s Counseling Service is meant to be a short-term support service (generally, 1 Session/month), focused on finding a solution; consequently, it is not to be considered as individual psychotherapy (see FAQ).

If necessary, the university provides access to other public and/or private services.

Counselors & Psychologists

Bocconi University has been cooperating with a team of professional counselors and psychologists for several years.

They all are experts in helping people from different backgrounds and cultures overcome issues related to a wide variety of academic and personal issues.

How to book an appointment

You can book your appointments during the University’s opening times (Monday to Friday, 8am-6pm).

You can choose to take part either in online (via MicrosoftTeams) or on campus (Uffici Campus Life via Bocconi 12 – access close by Bocconi Residence) counseling sessions.

Send an email to counseling@unibocconi.it asking for a first session; we will inform you about the first availability as soon as possible.
Always make sure to use your personal Bocconi account to write emails to the Counseling office.

If you would like to better understand what to expect from a Counseling Session or if you do not have an appointment yet, you can participate in “Let’s Talk – Walk in”, i.e. informal 15-minute individual sessions with no appointment necessary.

In the meantime, you can have a look at other Counseling services provided by the University:
- Workshops on different topics (e.g., study method, anxiety and time management, etc.)
- Group meetings: they offer the opportunity to talk about academic or personal issues with your University peers


About Counseling

How do I understand if I need help?

The Counseling service aims to help you deal even with those problems which could seem insignificant.. If the issue interferes with your daily life and you do not feel comforted enough after talking to your friends and family, a professional counselor or psychologist could be helpful.

What kind of issues can I talk about?

The Counseling Service’s objective is to support students facing those issues related to university and/or which could interfere with your experience at Bocconi University and with the realization of your full academic and personal potential. You can discuss problems that either relate to your academic life or are outside of the academic scope.

What should I expect from counseling?

Your Counseling journey begins with a first session, where you and your counselor work together to elaborate on your personal experiences, reflect on your issues from a different point of view, and work on ways to overcome them. It might be necessary to schedule additional individual sessions after the first one: this could be the case if the issues are especially complex or if it takes longer to deal with them. , Regardless, we aim to guarantee an efficient and personalized service.

Will my counselor tell anyone about my issues?

The Counseling sessions are strictly confidential; consequently, the information you provide will not be shared with others, unless you give your consent. Exceptions will be applied for legal reporting obligations or dissemination statutory only, or in case of high risk for your personal health or for other people.

What if I need additional help besides the Counseling Service offers?

Sometimes, it might be necessary to consider an additional psychological support which goes beyond the counseling offered by Bocconi University. If your counselor believes you could benefit from a deeper level of professional support, this will be discussed with you by your counselor and you will be provided references of professional resources after a second-level Counseling session.

The second-level Counseling service aims to help students who have already taken part in first-level Counseling services and who have highlighted particularly difficult and significant situations of difficulty which interfere with their academic life and the realization of their potential. The second-level Counseling objective is to identify the main issue of the students and, specifically, to help them find the appropriate external support resources.

What is the difference between the university counseling services and individual therapy?

Bocconi University Counseling Service is meant to be a short-term support service focused on finding solutions to students’ issues, while individual therapy is often a more structured and long-term service, characterized by recurrent and frequent sessions.

What should I do if I think someone I know needs help?

If you worry about a friend/relative of yours or your partner, you may schedule a single counseling session to share your concerns and understand how you can provide help.

 About your appointment

How long is the waiting time for an appointment?

It can vary according to different factors. A greater number of students have been requesting Bocconi University’s Counseling services recently ; consequently, the waiting time has become longer. However, we will try our best to schedule your appointment within 2 weeks from your first request. If you have a particular urgency, please, send us an email specifying it.

How should I get ready for my appointment?

There is no preparation needed, you simply need to come to the appointment. The individual session will develop naturally as you begin talking with your counselor.

What if I need to reschedule or cancel my appointment?

Please send us an e-mail at least 24h before your appointment to cancel or reschedule it; this way, we will be able to assign your time-slot to another student. Our counseling service is in high demand.Consequently, it is essential for students to inform us in advance if they will be no longer able to attend their appointment so that someone else can benefit from the counseling service as early as possible.

What if I miss my appointment?

If you did not inform the Counseling office in advance, your name will be put at the end of the waiting list in order for you to be considered for the next appointment available.

How long is the Counseling session and in what languages is the service delivered? How long can I benefit from the Counseling service?

The duration of a session can vary based on the personal needs of each student. Regarding the language, you can choose between Italian, English or French. Even if the number of sessions is not set, the Individual Counseling is meant to be a short-term service with a frequency of 1 session/month almost; moreover, it should not be considered as a replacement for individual weekly psychotherapy service.

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