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Checking-In Group Sessions

Group sessions can be an effective form of help for a range of problems, providing an opportunity to explore how you relate to others and benefit from their experiences and support.

Group sessions are open to a limited number of participants and are moderated by a psychologist from the Bocconi counseling team as group facilitator

The group sessions are focused on a specific topic to help you to address issues you may cope with and are usually made up of three appointments lasting one and half hours each.

These groups could be a more effective form of help than individual counseling for many people. Groups can provide an opportunity to explore how you relate to others, to see yourself through their eyes, and to benefit from their experiences and support while offering them your own.

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What should I expect?

All group members commit to keeping personal knowledge about each other confidential within the group.

You are free to choose how much or little to say. Groups are most helpful when members are willing to talk openly and make use of the opportunity to share together, by giving and receiving support, feedback and insight but you are always in control of how much you want to share with others.

How to join

Check the schedule of the upcoming Group Sessions and verify on the website how to register.

Group sessions will be held in person in the Campus Life Area, via Bocconi 12, mezzanine floor

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