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The Counseling Service offers students the chance to refer to a professional counselor to discuss personal, relational or academic difficulties that may interfere with their academic progress and fully realizing their potential. This service is free of charge.

Our goal is to contribute to students' wellbeing and mental health by offering a professional service that helps you to manage a range of personal, professional, emotional and psychological concerns.


Experience has taught us that issues of concern for students are often common and recurring, which is why we thought we would offer a series of small group meetings with specific focuses. Participating in these workshops may already provide you with a number of useful tools and tips for learning how to deal with situations and emotions that might characterize a period in your university career. The group sessions are moderated by a Bocconi counseling team psychologist as group facilitator.

In addition, on Mondays and Fridays a Bocconi counselor offers an informal and confidential consultation during which you can better understand what to expect from a one-on-one counseling session. No appointment is necessary to access the service. Let's Talk meetings are available for "one shot" counseling only. 

    Finally, Bocconi counselors are available to students for individual counseling sessions aimed at helping them manage the various challenges they may encounter during their university experience. Whether the issues are related to academics, adjustment to university life, or are interpersonal in nature, counseling offers students a supportive, confidential and objective space to work through and resolve situations that are causing distress.

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