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Campus Life offer

second semester AY 2020-2021

Welcome to Campus life!

Develop and better understand your skills, discover new interests, reflect on current issues, discuss your university experience with classmates and much more.

A wide variety of remote activities have been organized for the II semester, designed to help you find unique ways of making the most of your academic life.

Follow your path...

Do you want to explore and maximize your potential? Do you need time to reflect on and talk about your academic career? Do you need help facing the current situation that is causing uncertainty and anxiety?

Skills empowerment, wellness and counseling path

Skills Empowerment courses and activities

  • Personal performance class (in Italian - February)
  • Public speaking class (in English - April)
  • Individual Coaching session (in Italian and in English - April)

Self-empowerment courses and activities

  • Improve your study skills and find your personal way of learning (in English - February)
  • "Metodo di Studio" class (in Italian - February)
  • "Gestione del tempo" class (in Italian - February)

Individual counseling session (in English, French and Italian)

Wellness courses

  • Hara Yoga (in English - February)
  • Meditation (in English - February)

Do you want to pursue your current interests or discover new ones? Do you want to meet classmates who share your passions? Are you interested in expanding your knowledge and delving into new subjects?

Arts & Humanities path

Round out your knowledge courses:

  • Psychology and multicultural communication (in Italian - February)
  • Literature and Law (in Italian - March)
  • A pint of beer and some physics please – cheers! (in English - April)

Performing arts and Creative Workshops

  • Singing course (in Italian and English - February)
  • Words for social media: effective writing on the Web (in Italian - February)
  • Cooking Class (in English - March/April)
  • Videomaking (in English - March)

Student Associations:

  • Associations on Display (22-26 February)

Would you like to volunteer your time?

Social Engagement Path

Are you interested in a hands-on experience in no profit organizations?

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