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Welcome Activities - campus life and bocconi sport team

Bocconi has a lively campus life: it's time for you to know more about our students associations and extracurricular activities.

30 August — 24 September

  • Campus Life and Bocconi Sport team corner
    Outside tents Velodromo courtyard
    A dedicated booth to discover cultural and sports activities. Find out more about creative workshops, interdisciplinary courses, volunteering, counseling and self-empowerment activities. Come and discover students dedicated spaces within the University and the New Bocconi Sport Center.
  • Students associations activities
    The Bocconi student associations welcome students and present their activities.
    Find out here further details.

13 September - 5.00PM

  • Reconnection
    Campus Life and Associations on Display opening event with the Rector Gianmario Verona and Catherine De Vries, Dean for Diversity and Inclusion.
    Aula Magna, Gobbi 5.

Program of the event

Welcome back to campus! Join us in person or remotely at the Reconnection Event for Bocconi students. You’ll hear from various members of the University with advice and tips on how to start off the year on campus in the best way possible. And, as Associations on Display kicks off, you’ll get the chance to meet some of the University’s many student associations: they play a fundamental role in integrating all students on campus.
Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn more about everything the Bocconi community has to offer!

Back to Campus
Gianmario Verona Rector

How to reconnect
Catherine De Vries
Dean for Diversity and Inclusion and President of the CASA Committee

Campus life activities and services
Paolo Cancelli Director of Students

We're Back! Now What?
Karen Rigatti Counselor, Campus Life - Counseling & Self-Empowerment

The Role of Associations in Back to Campus and Community Activities and Opening of Associations on Display
Marco Giovanni Ferrari
Associations' Rep in the CASA Committee
Nicolas Torri Head of TEAM
Maria Mazza

The event will be moderated by Paolo Cancelli, Director of Students

You can follow the live streaming at this link.

13 - 24 September

  • Associations on display: Students Associations present their activities
    Check the dedicated webpage for the detailed program
    Outside tents Velodromo courtyard
  • Bocconi Sport Team Activities
    Bocconi Sport Team presents the competitive, university and amateur level activities of its teams, as well as “Intramural” tournaments. Bocconi Sport Team selects new players and organizes guided tour of the new Bocconi Sport Center.

23 September, 6:30PM

  • Embrace the change: a practical cognitive and emotional guide to best approach your academic path. A dedicated meeting for freshmen organized by Campus Life - Counseling & Self-Empowerment
    Aula Maggiore, Sarfatti 25 second floor
    Registration in yoU@B until 23 September at noon, limited seats available.

Program of the event

Life calls and it’s time to answer! Your university experience is starting.

Facing life changes may bring contrasting emotions. Excitement and enthusiasm often go hand-in-hand with fears, doubts and anxiety that normally arise when we step out of our comfort-zone. However, as someone (John A. Shedd) once said, “A ship in a harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for”!

A new chapter in the book of your life is going to be written in the years to come. This part of your story is taking you into adulthood and you want to be prepared for the experiences waiting for you: new friends and social connections, unknown places to explore, possibly, a different language and culture to discover, goals, challenges, successes to celebrate and failures to treasure and learn from.

During this presentation we will discuss how to best start your academic life, what the ideal mental attitude is and how to deal with moments of emotional turmoil.

Milena Milani counselor Campus Life - Counseling & Self-Empowerment

With the participation of:
Maria Francesca Martini TEAM
Damla Us B.Lab
Achraf Fadhel Student Representative in the University Board

During the year Campus Life organizes several activities to enrich your student life on campus: find out more!

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