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Round out your knowledge

Interdisciplinary courses 2021-2022

The "Round out your knowledge" interdisciplinary courses are opportunities offered to Bocconi students to enrich their cultural backgrounds on topics not related to economics and law.

Previous knowledge of these topics is not required. Students who attend classes will be given a certificate of participation.

Spring semester

Geopolitics: Cultural Diplomacy

The course is offered in collaboration with ISPI. Further information can be found here.

Music: From  Måneskin  to Gregorian

The course will be offered in Italian. Further information can be found here.



1: the cosmic zoo: A journey into the cosmos + the distance ladder: how astronomers measure distances
2: Galaxies + the machinery (telescopes and satellites) used to observe them
3: as time goes by (cosmic evolution) + under the action of gravitation
4: guided visit to the Osservatorio di Brera (TBD)

Calendar: 10-17-24 February and 3 March at 6:30PM-8PM

Instructor: Giuseppe Gavazzi (1949), full Professor of Astrophysics at the University of Milan Bicocca. Retired in 2020. After graduating in Physics with Beppo Occhialini, he has been researcher at the Leiden observatory (Holland), at the CNR Institute of Cosmic Physics in Milan and astronomer at the Brera observatory (Milan). The evolution of galaxies, the main topic of his research, has led him to use the largest telescopes in the world for thirty years. Author of two hundred articles appeared on international journals of Astrophysics, he is also interested in popular science. He wrote and illustrated a book for children called " How far is the sky? (Emme Edizioni 1984) that has been translated in German, English, Spanish, French, Danish and Dutch. In 2008 he published "The colorful slowness of galaxies" (Marsilio).

How: in distance

How to register: through yoU@B Student Diary (dates to be defined)

Certificate of attendance: students who attend at least 3 out of 4 lessons can receive the certificate of attendance

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