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Round out your knowledge

Interdisciplinary courses 2023-2024

The "Round out your knowledge" interdisciplinary courses are opportunities offered to Bocconi students to enrich their cultural backgrounds on topics not related to economics and law.

Previous knowledge of these topics is not required. Students who attend classes will be given a certificate of participation/open badge.

Please find below an overview of the offer. Just below the overview you will find the detailed program for each course.

Please, note! Each of the following courses requires a minimum number of participants in order to be activated. 

First semester
Calendar and modality
How to register
Geopolitics: "Understanding the world around you"
In collaboration with ISPI

5-12-17 October


yoU@B Student Diary

Registrations are closed
Discovering Milano: there is more than you think! ENG11 October at 6:15pm
(room 31)

8 and 22 November at 6:30 pm (off campus)
yoU@B Student Diary

Registrations are closed
Gravitating the Cosmos: Unveiling the Mysteries of Quantum Physics, Einstein's Relativity, and the Future World


8-15-22-29 November

On campus (room 31, Sarfatti 25, 3° floor)
yoU@B Student Diary

Registrations are closed
Creative writing
Check the Italian website

7-14-21-28 November

On campus
yoU@B Student Diary

Registrations are closed

Programs of 1st semester courses

Discovering Milano

Milano is a fascinating city, but many of its beauties are hidden. The three meetings will allow you to deep-dive into the context of Milano and hopefully discover some new places and features that the city has to offer.

The first meeting will be dedicated to an overview of the city and its different neighborhoods, with their characteristics and peculiarities. The second one will be dedicated to itineraries and hidden gems of the city. Lastly, the third meeting will be an outdoor activity at the discovery of a special place in Milano. If you want to know where we will be going, do not miss it!

Faculty for the course: Piergiacomo Mion Dalle Carbonare

Piergiacomo Mion Dalle Carbonare is SDA Junior Lecturer of the Government, Health and Non-Profit Division and Coordinator of the Master in Arts Management and Administration (MAMA) at SDA Bocconi School of Management. He is Assistant Director of the Master of Science in Economics and Management for Arts, Culture, Media and Entertainment (ACME) at Bocconi University where he also teaches courses related to Cultural Policies, Public Management and Territorial Marketing.
He holds a PhD in Marketing from the University of Valencia. His research activities focus on public cultural policies, smart city and territorial marketing. He is the author of chapters and articles on the subject. He attended international conferences (AIMAC, EURAM) presenting researches on audience development and cultural policies. He conducted research projects on performance and evaluation system in the public sector at European level, strategic planning for cultural institutions and territorial development.

Physics: Gravitating the Cosmos

Big questions from quantum physics to Einstein’s relativity to thrive in the world of tomorrow.
What are space, time and energy? What are the challenges that physicists are facing to understand fundamental phenomena in nature in the infinitely small, the immensely large or the utterly complex? We shall discuss a selection of topics such as E=mc², black holes, and the physics behind Interstellar, to stimulate curiosity and to provide basic knowledge that can be useful to comfortably gravitate our rapidly evolving world.

Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur and leader, a curious explorer of the universe, or simply seeking a deeper understanding of the world around you, "Gravitating the Cosmos" will ignite your curiosity and promote a strategic scientific mindset.

The course will be structured in 4 lectures of 1.5 hours that will include some virtual lab activity (RelativitApp, ScienceClic movies and other selected online resources).

Dates: November 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th at 18:15 h @ Bocconi U.

Example of topics:
Time, E=mc², Black holes, the physics of Interstellar, the big bang and the multiverse, the birth of the World Wide Web at CERN.

Lecture 1: Exploring the Foundations of Reality
Space, time, energy and quantum physics

Lecture 2: Navigating the Extremes
The power of E=mc², gravity and black holes

Lecture 3: Cosmic Chronicles
Unveiling the secrets of Interstellar, the Big Bang and the multiverse

Lecture 4: What does all this have to do with you?
The birth of the World Wide Web at CERN and the scientific method, epilogue

Faculty for the course: Anna Ceresole. She is an Italian theoretical physicist working on quantum theories of gravity and the fundamental interaction. After a degree from the University of Turin, she earned a PhD at the State University of New York at Stony Brook and she worked as a research fellow at Caltech in Pasadena. She then returned to Italy, first as a researcher and professor at the Turin Polytechnic and then back at the Turin University, where she is presently a research director of the National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN). Her main research contributions have focussed on various aspects of quantum field theory, supergravity and string theory, with their applications to black holes and cosmology. She has led a national research project on these topics from 2017 till 2023 and in the same years she has been the coordinator of the INFN Theory group for the Turin Division. She has been an active participant in various European research networks including the ERC "Superfields" and the COST project "The String Theory Universe". Her outreach activity has included gender promotion and science dissemination by various means, including theatre

Geopolitics: Understanding the World around you

The course is offered in collaboration with ISPI. Further information can be found here.

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