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Selection 2020-21 ay

Information and instructions on the Bocconi test online 2020/21 ay

Please note: the page is under construction!

Techical requirements and devices

In order to take the Bocconi test online, you must use a PC or MAC computer or an iPad. We recommend, in any case, to take the Bocconi test online using a PC or MAC computer.

You will need:

  • an internet connection
  • a webcam and a microphone

One of the following operating systems:

  • Windows: 10, 8, 7
  • MAC: MacOS 10.15 -> 10.12, OS X 10.11, OS X 10.10
  • iOS: iPad 11.0+ (iPad only)

We suggest using the following browsers: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

How the Test Will Be Conducted

Online Bocconi admissions tests are held through a specific web testing platform, implemented with the Respondus® proctoring system.

The Respondus® proctoring system guarantees facial recognition for each student, blocks all non-test programs on the user’s device and monitors the progress of the exam by recording an audio/video file. Detailed instructions on how to download Respondus® will be available on the test platform.

To facilitate student recognition, you should have a valid photo identification (ID card, passport, university ID) when taking the test.

We remind all candidates to pay special attention to the preliminary steps before starting the test, such as the presentation of the ID, the video of the environment. With regard to the shooting of the environment, please film carefully the whole room and the work space where you will take the test (e.g. a desk or a table). We recommend you to shoot everything slowly and to review the video before moving on to the next step. You are allowed to do the video again in case it is not complete and effective.

Login Information and Accessing the Platform

Access to the web testing platform requires a username and password.

The username and password will be provided to students through a specific email with all instructions on the steps required before the test. We therefore encourage you to monitor your email (including the spam folder) on the following days:

  • Master of Science admissions test: Applicants will receive an email from Bocconi: 20 May. If you have not yet received this message with login credentials by 21 May, please contact us at bocconitest@unibocconi.it
  • Bachelor of Science admissions test: Applicants will receive an email from Bocconi: 22 May. If you have not yet received this message with login credentials by 23 May, please contact us at bocconitest@unibocconi.it
  • Specialized Master admissions test Applicants will receive an email from Bocconi: date to be announced

Test Demo

On the days before the test, all applicants will be able to access a test demo to familiarize themselves with the platform and set up all the required tools.

The days in which the demo can be completed will be communicated by email.

After receiving the email with your username and password, you must:

  • access the testing platform (the link will be provided in the email)
  • download the Respondus® proctoring system; without this program, you will not be able to take the test
  • make sure your PC/MAC/iPad, internet connection and webcam are working properly
  • practice with the system by completing the DEMO on the days indicated

Solutions to technical issues

We encourage you to read the following solutions to some of the most frequent technical issues.

A blank page appears on the screen or I have issues with LockDown Browser

For example, if you see a blank page and cannot do anything else or if the spinning wheel when checking your webcam or the message "connecting to media server ..." do not disappear, as a first solution, close the LockDown browser and restart it following this procedure:

1. Click on (i) or the globe icon on a Mac, in the top left-hand corner of the browser

2. Click the “Proctor Exit” button

3. Return to the test by using a standard browser (i.e. Chrome, Firefox)

4. Start LockDown from the blue button

5. Repeat the verification steps to resume the test, starting from the last unanswered question or forcibly restart the PC/Mac and repeat the procedure.

I opened LockDown Browser but I can't start the test

If you see the “LockDown Browser shouldn’t be started manually…” message in red and the blue button “Return to the homepage,” you must close LockDown, open a browser (Chrome or Firefox) and enter the Admissions Test by accessing with your credentials. At the bottom of the page, you will see a blue “Launch LockDown Browser” button that you must click.

I lost my internet connection during the test or I lose my connection sporadically

Wait until the connection is re-established, then click the browser button to refresh the page. Data are saved automatically, so you can start working on the test again, though the lost time will not be recovered.

If you lost more than 15 minutes before restarting the test, write an email to admit-support@giuntipsy.com explaining what happened and it will be verified.

I wasn't able to finish the test in the time allotted or the test ended automatically

In this case, the minutes available for taking the test have expired and you will not be able to return to the test. All data are automatically sent to the server when time expires, therefore the answers submitted will be considered valid.

I have issues when using my iPad

In this case, please retake the test using a PC or Mac. If you do not have another device, please contact us.

Help desk and contacts

For other issues that are not included above, please write to admit-support@giuntipsy.com indicating [EXTRA] in the subject line, sending a screenshot of the issue.

Two assistance desk numbers are also available from 9am to 6pm (Italian time) on each day of the test: +39 055 6236916 and +39 055 6236971

If these two numbers are not available, you may also call the following numbers: +39 02 58363491 and +39 02 58362441

Please do not call other Bocconi University phone numbers.

The assistance services will be available during the following time: from 9am to 6pm (Italian time) on each day of the test. If problems occur that are not included in these cases during a time outside this timeframe, please inform us via email admit-support@giuntipsy.com. If the problem persists, please exit the test. You will be contacted as soon as possible with instructions on how to proceed.

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