Enrollment - World Bachelor in Business

AY 2019/20

The result of the 2019/20 AY WBB application will be available on March, 25 on My Application.

Information for admitted students

In order to enroll, admitted students have to take the following next steps:

  • By May 10th, enroll in the WBB program at University of Southern California’s following the enrollment procedure explained in details in the documents included in the admission packet that will be sent by U.S.C.

  • Send an e-mail to the Bocconi Admissions Office admissionsoffice@unibocconi.it confirming that they have completed the procedure

  • The U.S.C. portal will alert admitted candidates if they are missing any requirements (such as financial statements showing at least $76,000 for the I20 form) and how to submit them on the portal. They will be on “hold” in the system until all of the missing requirements are submitted and that will prevent them from being able to register for orientation, sign up for housing, etc. Therefore, it is highly favorable to submit those documents ASAP, with a deadline of May 10th.
    The following U.S.C. links will be helpful:
    U.S.C. portal
    U.S.C. Office of International Services

  • Admitted candidates that have also be awarded a scholarship, will receive on March, 25 an e-mail with the awarding letter

  • Admitted candidates, already selected for other Bocconi programs who have paid the relevant advance payment on the first installment, can contact enrollment@unibocconi.it for information concerning the reimbursement.

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