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Are you eager to find out what it’s like to study at Bocconi? Then get a taste of the innovative Bocconi learning experience by attending our Open Classes!

Over the coming months, don’t miss the chance to attend six live online lectures hosted by our expert faculty. Designed specifically for high school students, these classes focus on a variety of trending topics.
Be ready to learn, interact and delve into current emerging issues while being guided by top Bocconi professors. You will take a seat in our virtual classroom with students from all over the world: it’s time to kick off your Bocconi experience.

Fall 2022

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Management Class – 27 October

The New Era of Entertainment: The fan economy
27 October 4pm CEST

Simone Autera
Deputy Director of the BSc in Economics and Management of Arts, Culture and Communication
Lecturer, Department of Management and Technology

The lesson
The digital revolution has traditionally heavily influenced the way companies and talent are rewarded for the entertainment they produce. So much so that new ways of monetizing their creations are being sought. By analyzing new trends in the ways of consuming entertainment on the one hand, and the advancement of technologies as enablers of unprecedented new solutions on the other, we will discover how the next era of entertainment is evolving under the sign of the ‘fan’.

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Global Law Class – 24 November

Can Litigation in Courts Help Fight the Climate Crisis?
24 November 4pm CET

Catherine Rogers
Full Professor, Department of Legal Studies

The lesson
This lecture will explore how unique features of the US court system – such as class actions, punitive damages, and extensive discovery – have historically enabled individual citizens to affect important legal changes, from desegregation to automobile safety. Today, various citizens are using these procedures and creative arguments to bring courts in the US and elsewhere into the fight against the climate crisis.

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Artificial Intelligence Class – 10 January

The Surprising Inventions of Artificial Intelligence and the Future Challenges for Computers that can Learn
10 January 4pm CET

Riccardo Zecchina
Director of BSc Mathematical and Computing Sciences for in Artifical Intelligence
Head of Department of Computing Sciences

The lesson
Following  a presentation of the most recent (and unexpected) discoveries in the field of artificial intelligence, we will discuss which are the open challenges that will  lead to further revolutions. The interconnections with computational neuroscience will also be addressed.We shall conclude the presentation with a reflection on the role that young people will play in the development of this knowledge and on the applications to science, technology and societies.

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Spring 2023

Marketing Class – March 2023
Political Science ClassApril 2023
Data Science ClassMay 2023

Past Events – 2021-2022 Edition

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Fashion Management Class - 16 November

How To Create Buzz in Fashion: From catwalks to gamification
16 November 4pm CET - Click here to check your time zone

Erica Corbellini
Senior Lecturer, Department of Management and Technology

The lesson
This lecture will allow participants to understand how the creation of the so-called 'dream factor' has evolved in the fashion industry, by combining aspiration with inclusivity, physical events with augmented reality, celebrities with social media influencers, pictures with videos, heritage with disruption.
The key questions we will address are: How can Gen Z be engaged? How can emotional storytelling be created? What will be the future of social media influencers?

Economics & Sustainability Class - 17 March

From Fridays for Future to the EU Green Deal
17 March 4pm CET - Click here to check your time zone

Carlo Altomonte
Associate Professor, Department of Social and Political Sciences

The lesson
We all agree that climate change needs immediate action. And we now also have a fairly good idea of what actions need to be taken. Still, we are not sure we can collectively agree to undertake these actions at the global level.
This lecture explores what the EU has committed to do to fight climate change, and how it aims to enforce it.

Finance Class - 27 April

Do You Know Where Your Risk Is? A primer on portfolio choices
27 April 4pm CET - Click here to check your time zone

Paolo Colla
Director of BSc in Economics and Finance
Associate Professor, Department of Finance

The lesson
“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” This popular saying is largely employed in the finance industry to underscore the importance of diversification in portfolio choices: spread your money out over different investments.
In this Open Class we give a primer on modern portfolio theory — a breakthrough in personal and professional investing alike— which suggests that investors can do better by choosing a mix of low-risk and high-risk investments than by going entirely with low-risk opportunities. By investing in more than one asset, an investor reaps the benefits of diversification: most prominently, a reduction in the riskiness of the overall portfolio.

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