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Maria Sofia Gazzotti


Undergraduate studies: World Bachelor in Business
Internship: P&P, Singapore; The Boston Consulting Group, Dubai, UAE
Current position: Consultant
Company: McKinsey & Company, New York City, US

I chose this Bachelor of Science because it would allow me to attend three of the world’s top-notch universities, providing an excellent academic preparation and innumerable professional opportunities. Each university is unique in terms of culture, campus life, student body and business environment. Nevertheless, what really inspired me to choose the program was the idea that living and studying on three continents would teach me more than any regular curriculum could ever offer – inside and outside of the classroom. Adjusting to different education methods and structures, while taking advantage of all the extracurricular opportunities, made me a more flexible, curious and quick learner. The program gave me a competitive edge in this field by providing me with a strong international perspective that most of my peers gain through years on the job. Rather than a specific course, I would say the wide variety of the curriculum is what best prepared me and led me to pursue a career in management consulting.

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