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Giovanni Gardelli


Undergraduate studies: BSc in Business Administration and Management
Graduate studies: MSc in International Management, Bocconi University
International experience: Fudan University, Shanghai, China
Internship: Yahoo, Barcelona, Spain
Company: Verizon Media, San Francisco, US

My experience during the Bachelor program in Bocconi was intense and pretty formative, I started to have a clearer idea of what I was looking forward to working on. In particular, after the amazing experience I had during my undergraduate exchange semester in North Carolina. The international mindset I have developed helped me a lot in being very flexible both in terms of my ability to travel and relocate frequently, as well as always dealing with new challenges, environments and markets, regardless if I’m in Barcelona, London or here in California. My passion for ever-changing job contexts did the rest: I was responsible for lots of different projects during my years at Yahoo. After that, I took on another challenge at one of the fastest growing ventures in the world.

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