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Student Satisfaction

Programs are designed with one goal in mind: to provide you with an excellent education and allow you to make the most of your exciting years on campus. Our teaching methods are based on constant use of technology in the classroom, interaction between students and faculty, business cases, group projects, discussions and guest speakers. This is one of the reasons that 92.3% of graduating students are satisfied with their study program and the vast majority would enroll at Bocconi again if given the chance (91.9%)*.

One of the most important strengths of Bocconi programs is their focus on teaching. Its effectiveness is assessed with frequent feedback from graduates entering the workforce, but also directly from students. The University administers annual evaluations for each program: Bocconi students are asked to share their opinions on how programs are organized and provide their perspective on how to improve and grow. Our focus on individual merit as an incentive for improvement even extends to the faculty, who are given teaching awards based on student satisfaction.

Bocconi encourages the ability to meet the challenges of the market in an increasingly globalized world. The course with the most innovative aspect or project is therefore also recognized with a teaching award.

Bachelor of Science programs feature other opportunities as well: seminars for the development of transversal skills, study abroad and internships. Those students who choose to take part consider these experiences opportunities for professional and personal growth:

  • 97.6% consider studying abroad useful
  • 94.8% consider completing an internship useful*

* Students graduating in 2019

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