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Chiara Fumagalli

Program Director

Does immigration steal jobs from domestic workers? Why can increasing the minimum wage raise unemployment? Why is printing more money not enough to create jobs? What are the benefits of the Euro? If housing prices in Florida plunge, why does my next-door neighbor lose his job? Why was Argentina much richer than the US at the turn of the 20th century, whereas today the reverse is true? What effects will a slowdown in the growth of China have? Are markets always the most efficient way to create and redistribute resources? Are financial crises simply driven by irrational behavior? How do our minds work when we make decisions about saving, fertility, energy consumption, education or health? What is the role of cognitive and psychological limits? How do we identify logical fallacies in our reasoning about economic and social matters? Do our innate preferences for altruism and cooperation affect those decisions? How does the way the individual mind works affect how society as a whole works? Does that have an impact on how firms and organizations function? Does that in turn affect economic development?

This Bachelor of Science helps in answering these and many more questions, starting from two fundamental bases: a wide range of topics and solid methodological training. The program pivots on a new interdisciplinary approach to the study of economic sciences and human behavior that links economics with disciplines such as cognitive science, psychology and sociology.


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