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Bachelor Programs 2023/24 AY


The Declaration of Value (DoV) is an official document (written in Italian) that confirms the validity of the diploma, and it is issued by the competent Italian Authorities (Embassy/Consulate/Italian Cultural Institute) in the country to which the educational system of the school refers.
When required in the admission result, and in order to complete the enrollment, the DoV is a compulsory requirement for the secondary school diploma to be considered valid.

The Declaration of Value must include the following information:
  • legal status and nature of the awarding institution;
  • the final diploma has been awarded after at least 12 years of education;
  • the diploma is valid to pursue studies in a 1st level degree program in the country to which the educational system of your school refers (i.e. Bachelor programs);
  • if required, that you have passed the needed qualifying academic exam for university admission (i.e. Gaokao, YKS, Veveosi Prosvasis, Vestibular, etc.).
Admitted students are strongly recommended to get in touch with the Italian Authorities (Embassy/Consulate/Italian Cultural Institute) right after the admission for information about deadlines and procedures to request a valid DoV for the diploma.

In case the DoV is not requested in the admission result, non-EU applicants are kindly invited to check anyway with the Italian Authorities (Embassy/Consulate/Italian Cultural Institute) in their country if a DoV is required for the Student Visa procedure.

The DoV must be provided to the Admissions Office by no later than late August/early September 2023.

Please note that Italian Embassies/Consulates do not submit any documents to the Italian Universities. Admitted students must submit the documents directly to Bocconi University through the enrollment application.

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