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Bachelor Programs 2022/23 AY

Third-last and second-last year GPA

Only final grades of the third-last and second-last years of high school will be considered for the selection process. Only end of the year transcripts (i.e. second semester; third trimester) are required. Mid-year grades, last-year grades, predicted grades and University grades are NOT among the elements of evaluation and will NOT be considered. Please note that “third-last year” refers to grade 10 out of 12, or grade 11 out of 13, or Seconde Classe in the French system, and “second-last year” refers to grade 11 out of 12, or grade 12 out of 13, or Première Classe in the French system.

Applicants awarded with a final secondary school diploma after only 11 years must upload as transcripts grade 9 (as third-last year) and grade 10 (as second-last year).

Transcripts must be officially issued by the school and translated in English or Italian. A school translation with stamp and signature will be accepted. Transcripts in French, German and Spanish do not require a translation. Transcript in other languages MUST be translated and uploaded with the original document in the online application.

In case transcripts for the second-last year are not released by the school for policy (as the school provides only grades at the end of the last year), applicants can upload an official statement of the school confirming that the transcripts are not available. They will, therefore, participate in the selections with the same third- last year GPA.

If third-last (2019/2020) and/or second-last year (2020/2021) transcripts/grades have not been released due to the Covid-19 outbreak, applicants can upload:

  • a school statement that confirms that the transcript/grades required are not available together with the latest available transcript with grades for that school year or
  • the correct transcript without grades together with the latest available transcrip with grades for that school year

Applicants who are NOT able to provide valid transcripts or documentation will enter the selection process with the minimum passing grade (6 out of 10 – Italian system).

2022/23 Early session applicants can submit their application without the second-last year transcript by the deadline of June 24. After the application submission, they will be able to re-enter their application and upload the document until July 9.

School subjects and study path

Bocconi University does not set any specific requirement in terms of subjects or tracks taken by applicants during the secondary school
This applies to all secondary school diplomas, regardless of recent curriculum changes (i.e. French Baccalaureate - Spécialité Mathématiques and IB Diploma - Mathematics: analysis and approaches or applications and interpretation SL/HL). 

However, given the field of study to which Bocconi belongs to, students should consider that, if admitted, taking quantitative-based courses/modules during secondary school (math, physics, business studies, economics, etc) might help them, in transition more smoothly from secondary school to our BSc programs content.

Before starting the online application, candidates are strongly invited to check the compulsory validity requirements for all the secondary school diplomas.

In the online applications, candidates are requested to fill in the document “Diploma requirements form”. It is extremely important to submit a complete and accurate document, that allows the Admissions Committee to evaluate candidates’ study path in the best possible way.

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