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Timeline and selection

Bachelor Programs 2022/23 AY

 24 first-years classes will be activated for the academic year 2022/23 AY. Every bachelor program has a different number of classes and places. 

Selection rounds

There are three selection sessions available for the admission to the 2022/23 AY: 

  • Early session: first round mainly dedicated to second-last year secondary school students (2021/22Graduation year students), willing to apply in advance.
  • Winter session: second round open to last year secondary school students (2021/22 Graduation year students) and to students already graduated or coming from other Universities.

The majority of places available will be allocated by the end of this round

  • Spring session: third and last round that assigns approximately the 10% of total places available. It is open to last year secondary school students (2021/22 Graduation year students) and to students already graduated or coming from other Universities.

As competition is really intense, applicants are recommended to apply as soon as possible. As a matter of fact, early applications can have greater chance to be successful, to meet financial aid/scholarships opportunities and to respect all the student visa deadlines (set for NON-EU applicants).


Early Session
Winter Session
Spring Session
Online admission application
17 May 24 June 2021
(12:00pm noon)
15 november 2021 25 January 2022
(12:00pm noon)
23 March 14 April 2022
(3:00pm Italian time)
Online demo* test
1 6 July 2021
31 January 4 February 2022
27 29 April 2022
Online test
12 16 July 2021
7 11 February 2022
2 5 May 2022
29 September 2021
(late afternoon)
24 March 2022
(late afternoon)
8 June 2022
(late afternoon)

*the demo test will not be a simulation to test the applicant's preparation, but rather an opportunity to set the devices and check if they are properly working and to familiarize with the webtesting platform.

2022/23 Early session applicants can submit their application without the second-last year transcript by the deadline of June 24. After the application submission, they will be able to re-enter their application and upload the document until July 9.

The World Bachelor in Business Program has specific application and admission procedures. Details on www.unibocconi.eu/wbb

What to check before starting the application

Before starting the online application, we recommend to check the following elements:

  • Categories of applicants: Check whether you apply as an “Italian applicant” or as an “International applicant”;
  • Secondary school diploma: Please carefully verify the secondary school diploma requirements for enrollment, as well as the specific diploma requirements and integrations (such as declaration of value, APs, etc...) to be provided in case of admission. Profiles of candidates whose secondary school diploma does not meet the necessary requirements and integrations will NOT be taken into consideration for admission.
  • English requirement for enrollment check the list of certificates and diplomas accepted to fulfil the English requirement for enrollment, in case of admission. 

Elements of evaluation

The selection is based on the following elements:

Moreover, international applicants are asked to upload their CV/Resume and motivational letter, as these might be considered as additional factors in the evaluation of the applicant's overall profile.

Instead, reference letters and predicted grades will not be considered for admission.

* For the 2022/23 AY admission, the Bocconi selection test will be held online. On My application it will be possible to select day and time of the online test. In case of disabilities or learning disabilities, possible measures of support to take the Bocconi test may be applied. 

Submit the application

In order to participate in the selection it is necessary to submit an online application through the My Application portal (further information in the Focus on area).

Filling out the application is easy, but it takes time because you will need to scan and upload documents on the system. We invite you to check timelines to make sure to meet the deadlines. It is essential to provide accurate information on the application, together with complete and updated documents. The documents need to be uploaded in My Application. Documents sent via e-mail and/or postal mail will NOT be taken into consideration by the Admissions Committee.

For every submitted application an application fee of €100 is compulsory, to be paid via the Bocconi store, logging with the applicant's credentials.

Important: the application fee will not be reimbursed if the applicants is absent from the test or if they will not be admitted. 

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