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Bachelor programs a.y. 2022/23

Reimbursement of the first installment/advanced payment

Enrolled students* are not entitled to obtain the reimbursement of the first installment/advance payment, in compliance to former article 27 of R.D. 1269/1938. Bocconi University, however, grant said reimbursement on an exceptional basis, only if requested within specific deadlines, shown in the “Reimbursement deadlines” section.

After said deadlines, the first installment/advance payment, as a security deposit, will be kept in full.

Deadlines for reimbursement

The reimbursement will be granted, with the exclusion of € 250 for administrative service expenses, only if the reimbursement request is submitted within the following deadlines.

Selection round
Deadline for reimbursement requests
Early session
by 15 February 2022
Winter session
By 29 April 2022
Spring session
By 8 July 2022

We kindly invite all students to pay the utmost attention to the compulsory requirements needed to access the Bocconi Bachelor programs and to the fulfillments for the enrollment, since:

  • failure in the obtainment of even one of the compulsory requirements (English language requisite, and/or a valid secondary school diploma) will entail cancellation of the enrollment with no chance to obtain the reimbursement of the first installment/advance payment;
  • failure to satisfy even one of the enrollment conditions will entail revocation of admission due to a breach of the contract attributable to the student.

How to request reimbursement

The request has to be submitted along with the Withdrawal request. The student has to send an email, within the above mentioned deadlines, to rper@unibocconi.it:
- declaring the willingness to withdraw and to request the reimbursement
- attaching passport
- attaching the appropriate withdrawal form (available in the Download Area), properly filled out
- indicating as a subject: “Withdrawal Name SurnameUser ID number (30xxxxx), Application code (T0xxx)”

Once the email is sent, the student will receive instructions on how to obtain the reimbursement.

Reimbursements can be issued only after the beginning of the academic year 2022/23. The refund will be credited between September and October 2022.

Special cases for reimbursement

The reimbursement will be possible, only if requested by and no later than 5 days after the receiving their credit recognition result, for:

  • incoming transfer students who have requested credit recognition and that have submitted the Withdrawal document (if transferring from a non-Italian University) or the “Congedo” (if transferring from an Italian University);
  • Bocconi graduates who plan to complete a second degree in Bocconi and have requested credit recognition.

Reimbursement requests received after the established deadlines by students not belonging to the categories above mentioned, can be evaluated by an appointed Admissions Committee. Evaluation will be carried out only for requests motivated by serious and appropriately documented issues (i.e. serious health problems and/or serious family impediments).

*Students are considered enrolled only if, once admitted, have completed the online enrollment procedure and paid the first installment/advance payment within the established deadlines. The enrollment has to be considered definitive even if the students still have to submit the compulsory requirements needed to access the Bocconi Bachelor programs (English language requisite and a valid secondary school diploma).

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