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Bachelor Programs 2021/22 AY

Categories of applicants

The categories of applicants depend on the secondary school attended by the candidates.

International applicants

Candidates are considered International applicants, if they are attending/have attended:

  • a secondary school abroad or
  • an international school (in Italy or abroad)

Italian applicants

Candidates are considered Italian applicants, if they are attending/have attended an Italian secondary school in Italy: please visit the Italian website for information on the selection process.

Transfer Students

Transfer students are all the applicants enrolled (or that have already completed a Bachelor degree) in a university (other than Bocconi).

Transfer students follow the same admission process up to the enrollment as all the other candidates and University transcripts are NOT evaluated for selection purposes. 

For information on the credit recognition procedure  after the admission, visit the dedicated pages for the 2021/22 ay.

Please note! Candidates using university years as integration to their secondary school diplomas, and/or candidates attending Classes Préparatoire aux Grands École CANNOT be considered transfer students.

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