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Bocconi test: structure, time management and how to prepare for it

Test structure

The Bocconi test consists of 70 multiple-choice questions, divided in 4 subject areas: Reading comprehension: 20 questions; Logic: 20 questions; Mathematics: 20 questions; Numerical reasoning: 10 questions. For more information on the subject areas click here

Time management

The Bocconi test lasts 105 minutes. It is important to try to address all the questions, as probably there will be no time to review the skipped ones.The solution of some problems may require less than a minute, while other problems may require longer to be solved. Each student independently chooses which answers to give and if / how many questions to deal with considering that the objective of all the participants is to correctly answer the most questions and get to face the whole test until the last question. It is therefore necessary to know how to move from one topic to another with speed, without wasting time. The questions are distributed within the test in a mixed way both by difficulty level and by topic.

Score assesment

The test results are calculated according to the following rules: one point is awarded for each correct answer; any missing answer to individual problems or questions will not be penalized; each wrong answer will be penalized by 0.2 point.

How to prepare for the Bocconi test

There are no official Bocconi test preparation textbooks. In order to practice for the test, we suggest you to carefully read the information available on the subject areas and refer to the test example (.PDF) that you find in the Download area.

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