Bachelor programs 2020/21 AY


The Admissions Committee evaluates carefully the applicants’ profiles by considering all the elements of documents uploaded on My application, the selection test performance and the places available in the selection round for the programs chosen by the candidates.
According to the timeline established for the selection round, applicants can access their admission result by entering the My Application portal and clicking on “Results”. The outcome of the selection process can be one of the following: admission, non-admission.

Rounds 2020/21 AY
Early session
19 September 2019
Winter session
5 March 2020
Spring session
7 July 2020


Admitted applicants will receive a conditional offer, whose validity is confirmed only under the following conditions:

  • submission of the enrollment application within the set deadlines
  • obtainment of the necessary requirements

Failure to satisfy even one of the above-mentioned conditions by the required deadline will entail revocation of the admission and, as a result, the cancellation of the enrollment.

Further information on enrollment available here

Request for changing the BSc of admission: the request can be done only within the enrollment deadline. The request will be not automatically accepted but will be evaluated by the Admissions Office. You can ask for a program change only once and that you cannot ask for a change to a program selected with a higher preference (i.e. change from the second choice to the first one).


Non-admission outcomes depend on a number of factors: GPA and secondary school curriculum, performance on the selection test, course choices indicated on the online application, places available in the selection round for the programs chosen.
Non-admitted candidates can re-submit a brand new application for the following sessions by completing a new online application via the My application portal within the set deadlines.

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