Bachelor programs 2019/20 AY

On this page, you will find all information related to:

  • enrollment procedure and timeline;
  • requirements obtainment procedure and timeline.

In the Focus On area you can find a step-by-step "Guide to the Enrollment application".

Enrollment procedure and timeline

In order to confirm your admission to Bocconi University:

  1. enter the My Application portal, and complete the enrollment procedure
  2. pay the first installment - advance payment – which, in compliance to former article 27 of R.D. 1269/1938, cannot be reimbursed

within the deadlines indicated in the table here below.

2019/20 A.Y. Selection round
Enrollment period
Early session
3 October 25 October 2018
Winter session
7 March 21 March 2019 11:59 pm Italian time (GMT+1)
Spring session
16 May 5 June 2019 11:59 pm Italian time (GMT+1)

The enrollment application is successfully submitted if the toolbar on the top right of “My Application” becomes green.
All the documents uploaded will be checked in the month following the end of the enrollment period and each student will be notified via email about it.

Requirements obtainment procedure and timeline

In order to access the Bocconi Bachelor programs, it is strictly necessary to satisfy the necessary requirements, as per table here below:

Curricular requirements
2019/20 A.Y. Selection round
By and no later than:
Valid secondary school diploma
All selection rounds
31 July 2019
English language requisites for:
Early session
28 February 2019
Winter session
1 May 2019
Spring session
5 June 2019

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