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Centre for Research on Health and Social Care Management

CERGAS was established in 1978 with the aim to develop research studies about the healthcare sector, which is bound to take an ever larger importance in advanced as well as in emergent economies.

The research activities of CERGAS are closely integrated with the basic research developed within the two programs of Business Administration and Management and Economics and Management of Public Administration and International Institutions of Università Bocconi.

The research activity of CERGAS is strictly correlated with the business education programs for the healthcare sector developed by the Faculty of the Public Administration Division of SDA Bocconi School of Management.

Various projects of scientific cooperation have been undertaken in collaboration with other research institutions (academic and otherwise) on health policy and healthcare management in a comparative perspective. In its 20 years of existence, CERGAS has grown remarkably, making a significant contribution to economic knowledge and its diffusion with respect to the issues and problems peculiar to the healthcare sector.

The main areas of study and research are: comparisons among healthcare systems and analyses of public health policy; implementation of economic methods in the evaluation of healthcare performance; introducing the managerial logic in healthcare organizations; organizational models and management systems for public and private healthcare firms; impacts on the industrial sector and correlated services (pharmaceuticals and biomedical technologies) and on the social welfare sector.


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