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Selected Recent Publications


Bode, C. & Singh, J. 2018. Taking a hit to save the world? employee participation in a corporate social initiative. Strategic Management Journal, 39(4): 1003-1030.

Barney, J., Foss, N., & Lyngsie, J. 2018. The role of senior management in opportunity formation: direct involvement or reactive selection?. Strategic Management Journal, 39(5): 1325-1349.

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Amore, M. & Minichilli, A. 2018. Local political uncertainty, family control, and investment behavior. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 53(4): 1781-1804.

Furlotti, M. & Soda, G. 2018. Fit for the task: complementarity, asymmetry, and partner selection in alliances. Organization Science, 29(5): 837-854.

Zollo, M., Minoja, M., & Coda, V. 2018. Toward an integrated theory of strategy. Strategic Management Journal, 39(6): 1753-1778.

Salvato, C. & Vassolo, R. 2018. The sources of dynamism in dynamic capabilities. Strategic Management Journal, 39(6): 1728-1752.

Calabro, A., Minichilli, A., Amore, M. & Brogi, M. 2018. The courage to choose! primogeniture and leadership succession in family firms. Strategic Management Journal, 39(7): 2014-2035.

Jacobides, M., Cennamo, C., & Gawer, A. 2018. Towards a theory of ecosystems. Strategic Management Journal, 39(8): 2255-2276.

Salvato, C. & Rerup, C. 2018. Routine regulation: balancing conflicting goals in organizational routines. Administrative Science Quarterly, 63(1): 170-209.


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Criscuolo, P., Dahlander, L., Grohsjean, T. & Salter, A. 2017. Evaluating novelty: the role of panels in the selection of R&D projects. Academy of Management Journal, 60(2): 433-460.

Moore, C., Lee, S., Kim, K. & Cable, D. 2017. The advantage of being oneself: the role of applicant self-verification in organizational hiring decisions. Journal of Applied Psychology, 102(11): 1493-1513.

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Panico, C. 2017. Strategic interaction in alliances. Strategic Management Journal, 38(8): 1646-1667.

Conzo, P., Fuochi, G., & Mencarini, L. 2017. Fertility and life satisfaction in rural Ethiopia. Demography, 54(4): 1331-1351.

Stuart, H. & Moore, C. 2017. Shady characters: the implications of illicit organizational roles for resilient team performance. Academy of Management Journal, 60(5): 1963-1985.

Gambardella, A., Raasch, C., & von Hippel, E. 2017. The user innovation paradigm: impacts on markets and welfare. Management Science, 63(5): 1450-1468.


Derfler-Rozin, R., Moore, C., & Staats, B. 2016. Reducing organizational rule breaking through task variety: how task design supports deliberative thinking. Organization Science, 27(6): 1361-1379.

Adams, P., Fontana, R., & Malerba, F. 2016. User-industry spinouts: downstream industry knowledge as a source of new firm entry and survival. Organization Science, 27(1): 18-35.

Asmussen, C., Larsen, M., & Pedersen, T. 2016. Organizational adaptation in offshoring: the relative performance of home- and host-based learning strategies. Organization Science, 27(4): 911-928.

Slavova, K., Fosfuri, A., & De Castro, J. 2016. Learning by hiring: the effects of scientists' inbound mobility on research performance in academia. Organization Science, 27(1): 72-89.

Birhanu, A., Gambardella, A., & Valentini, G. 2016. Bribery and investment: firm-level evidence from africa and latin america. Strategic Management Journal, 37(9): 1865-1877.

Fosfuri, A., Giarratana, M., & Roca, E. 2016. Social business hybrids: demand externalities, competitive advantage, and growth through diversification. Organization Science, 27(5): 1275-1289.

Crilly, D., Hansen, M., & Zollo, M. 2016. The grammar of decoupling: a cognitive-linguistic perspective on firms' sustainability claims and stakeholders' interpretation. Academy of Management Journal, 59(2): 705-729.


Bode, C., Singh, J., & Rogan, M. 2015. Corporate social initiatives and employee retention. Organization Science, 26(6): 1702-1720.

Kouchaki, M., Smith, I., & Netchaeva, E. 2015. Not all fairness is created equal: fairness perceptions of group vs. individual decision makers. Organization Science, 26(5): 1301-1315.

Gambardella, A., Ganco, M., & Honore, F. 2015. Using what you know: patented knowledge in incumbent firms and employee entrepreneurship. Organization Science, 26(2): 456-474.

Rockart, S. & Dutt, N. 2015. The rate and potential of capability development trajectories. Strategic Management Journal, 36(1): 53-75.

Fosfuri, A., Giarratana, M., & Roca, E. 2015. Walking a slippery line: investments in social values and product longevity. Strategic Management Journal, 36(11): 1750-1760.

Castellaneta, F. & Zollo, M. 2015. The dimensions of experiential learning in the management of activity load. Organization Science, 26(1): 140-157.

Piazza, A. & Perretti, F. 2015. Categorical stigma and firm disengagement: nuclear power generation in the United States, 1970-2000. Organization Science, 26(3): 724-742.

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