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personalized task-based help for your goals

What is the service of Tutoring?
It is a service to provide help to Bocconi students (Bachelor Programs, Master of Science Programs and Integrated Master of Arts in Law)  by offering preparation for final exams  (Bocconi exam and International language certificates). Teachers suggest the right self-study path for each student, using the multimedia materials at the Language Laboratory and online.

Teachers have "Tutoring hours" in Lab 1, 3rd floor via Gobbi 5, to enter the Tutoring service please leave the student card at the Language Lab, Room 302.

Tutoring hours + Online Reservation
English for all degree courses
Teacher Michela Della Monica
Teacher Richard Nicholas
English for all degree courses
Maurizio Ferrara

French for all degree courses
Teacher Hadam Oudghiri
Spanish for all degree courses
Teacher Carmen Giménez Román
Italian for all degree courses
Teacher Silvia Memelli

For each tutoring session the time is limited, so the teacher can see and support a limited number of students.

If you want to access to the Tutoring you can:
1. reserve online the tutoring session through yoU@B Student’s Diary in the Faculty office hours (see the above timetables)
2. or check in, if places are still available, at the Tutors’ Lab front desk (starting from 15 minutes before the scheduled tutoring session)
Please note that in any case you must check in at the Tutors' Lab front desk (with your student ID card) before starting the tutoring session, even if you have already booked your appointment online.

To make the Tutoring support service more effective, students are advised:

  • to organize themselves in advance in order to meet deadlines (exam sessions etc.)
  • not to ask for the tutoring support only immediately before the exam
  • to ask the tutor to correct no more than a single writing exercise per tutoring session. Only writings in the studied foreign language can be corrected (no translations)

Please remember that students can ask for support also during teachers’ office hours.

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