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Language Exchange

Improve a language through conversation

The Language Center organizes each semester a Language Exchange for students; it is a good chance to improve a language through talking to a Bocconi student of another nationality.

Tandem language learning - What is it?
Language Exchange, also termed "tandem language learning", is a form of autonomous language learning. It is based on a mutual exchange between 2 learners, speaking two different languages in order to learn one from the other. Our type of language exchange is a face-to-face tandem based on conversation and listening.

Who can participate in the Language Exchange?
The initiative is open to students enrolled in Bachelor, Master of Science, Integrated Master of Arts in Law programs, Specialized Master and SDA, who already have at least a pre-intermediate level (A2) in the language which they would like to improve. They must be at an advanced level (C1) or mother tongue for the other tandem language.

When and how is possible to take part in the Language Exchange?*

The Language Exchange is offered at the beginning of every semester. Instructions and the enrolment form will be sent via yoU@B Student’s Diary. All the other information will be communicated via Bocconi e-mail address.

How will I be informed of the name and email address of my language partner?
The information regarding your language partner you will be sent by Bocconi e-mail address.
We recommend that you also join the facebook group "Bocconi Language Exchange". It is a closed group accessible only to students selected to participate in the Tandem initiative. The facebook group will represent an additional channel to get you in touch with your language partner and become active in the community of Tandem students.

Is there a minimum duration for the Language Exchange?
Yes, we recommend a minimum period of three months.

Where and when can I meet my partner?
You and your partner can decide autonomously when and where to meet.

Who should we contact for help/support during the Language Exchange?
You can go to the Language Lab or write directly to
Lab Staff will respond to your enquiries and, if necessary, put you in touch with the teacher for the program.

Is there a test at the end of the Language Exchange?
No, there is no test. At the end of the program each partner should fill in the feedback questionnaire.

*It should be underlined that it may not be possible to satisfy all the requests, due to the high number of applications received.

For additional information:
Language Laboratory

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