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Exam Syllabus a.y. 2017-2018*

Class Contents and Exam Requirements

Bachelor Programs - Exam codes 30000
Students enrolled in the 1st and 2nd year, a.y. 2017-2018

All language classes use the Attendance procedure for registering students’ presence in class.
The pin code to record your presence with the Attendance procedure must be entered in the classroom in the presence of the faculty member who handles the recording. For "Attendance", presence for the entire duration of the activity is intended. In case of an improper use of the Attendance recording procedure by students - e.g. entering the pin to record attendance while outside the classroom, unexcused exit from the classroom before the end of activities - a disciplinary sanction equal to a six-month suspension from exams/graduation will be given to the student.

 YearLanguageLevel and Code
First LanguageEnglishB2 - 30301
C1 - 30301
BEC B2 (Business English Certificate Vantage)
BEC C1 (Business English Certificate Higher)
IELTS Academic B2
IELTS Academic C1
FrenchB2 - 30302
ItalianB2 - 30303
C1 - 30303
PortugueseB2 (*)
SpanishB2 - 30305
GermanB2 - 30306
Second LanguageFrenchB1 - 30307
DELF B1 (Diplôme d'études en langue française)
ItalianB1 - 30308
C1 - 30308
PortugueseB1 - 30309
SpanishB1 - 30310
DELE B1 (Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera)
GermanB1 - 30311

(*) Please remind that no classes and no exams are provided for Portuguese (first language) as a foreign language. Therefore, it is only possible to register in the study plan one of the international certifications recognized by the Language Center.

* Syllabus Archive: syllabi from the a.y. 2009-2010.

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