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International Certificates

recognized as an alternative to the Bocconi exam and conversion table result

How to convert an international language certificate

An international certificate can be accepted as an alternative to the internal exam only if it meets the following conditions:

  1. it is one of those recognized by the University, please see the table of the recognized certificates (currently available in Italian only  English version available soon);
  2. it is presented as an original personally by the student to the Language Center Administrative Office Desk;
  3. it shows the exit level and language contents (general, business, legal) corresponding to those as contained in the syllabus of the student’s degree course;
  4. it must be presented within three years from the date the exam was taken (only TOEFL must be presented within two years after passing the exam).

Note: the certificate is recorded in the student's academic career on the day he/she presents it to the Language Center Desk. The corresponding grade becomes visible in Punto Blu usually after a couple of weeks.

Validation of language exams taken during the BSc program at Bocconi

Students who were awarded a Bocconi BSc degree can request the recognition of the grade of the first and/or second language recorded during the BSc studies (with releating exemption from knowledge assessment for the MSc program) on condition that their output level of the BSc program satisfies the prerequisites for MSc programs. Further information can be retrieved from the Guide to the University — chapter 3.4.2.

The relating request is to be submitted at the Academic Affairs Division Desk from 7 to 18 January 2019.
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