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Bocconi International Fair

7 February 2019


Have you ever wondered what an international experience is like?
It is an extraordinary chance for you to grow and improve your personal, academic and professional skills in a multicultural environment. After a period abroad you will come back more self-confident and open to cultural diversity.

What do you get from your perspective?
Studying abroad is an opportunity to show off your ability and achieve high academic goals dealing with different teaching styles.

What about your career?
The job market is constantly changing. Undertaking a work experience abroad will allow you to get a deeper knowledge of different professional environments and get familiar with different business practices.  

Become a global player! Take part in the Bocconi International Fair on February 7.

  • Find out all the details about the study abroad opportunities during the dedicated presentations.
  • Take part in the Round Table on International Careers and meet Bocconi Alumni who have studied and worked abroad.
  • Check out the Student Fair where you can ask all your questions to participants in the Exchange program.
  • Stop by the Work Abroad Fair to get information and learn more about international job opportunities.
  • Learn how to explore the world safely.

The Program is now available!

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