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Exchange Program

NEWS & Important Updates

The Exchange Program is the study abroad experience lasting one term at a partner university, as part of bilateral agreements with over 250 universities in 50 countries on all 5 continents.

All bilateral agreements allow involved students to carry out a study abroad period, exempt from payment of tuition at the partner school. However, all students are required to pay for their own travel expenses, room and board and any other extra expenses related to the experience to be carried out. Scholarships are available (ISU and Erasmus). Courses taken abroad can be then recognized according to some rules and procedures students must respect.

Students can access the Exchange Program only once during a study program, through an application, upon possession of specific requirements. The Program entails a selection, with subsequent publication of the ranking, which takes place annually.


*** For more details about the Exchange Program, please refer to the sections above and to the Guide to the Exchange Program (click here for the Italian version)

The Universities involved in the Program represent the most highly selective institutions in the field of Management, Economics and economics-based Social Sciences worldwide. In fact, Università Bocconi belongs to two of the most prestigious international networks: CEMS (The Global Alliance in Management Education) and PIM (Partnership in International Management).

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