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Double Degree Program

UPDATE: Check the Timing for the 2017/2018 selections (2018/2019 mobility), now online!

Bocconi has developed Double Degree Programs in cooperation with prestigious Universities in Europe, Russia, India, Brazil, USA, Canada, Australia and China. Students will develop diversity of thought, international management competencies and a truly global mindset. These programs aim at preparing the future business leaders of Europe to handle global development and integration.

The Double Degree program offers graduate students the possibility to spend the first year at Bocconi, acquiring core knowledge and skills, and to specialize in their field of interest while attending the second year at one of the foreign host institutions.
These institutions have been selected among the most prestigious Universities all over the world
Provided that both institutions' academic requirements have been met, students of the Double Degree program receive both Bocconi's Laurea Magistrale and a graduate degree (usually Master of Science) from the partner institution.
The program requires the attendance of a whole academic year abroad and an overall involvement up to two and a half years.


What is a Double Degree?

A Double Degree is a joint program that allows you to:

  • Study at two top business and economic school;
  • Receive two diplomas, one from each University;
  • Create a differentiating factor in your CV;
  • Spend the first academic year at Bocconi and the second academic year at a partner School

Why a Double Degree?

  • To challenge yourself academically, through new academic experiences;
  • To increase your cultural and social experiences;
  • To explore a new business environment;
  • To create an international business network;
  • To spend one full year abroad in a great city and a great school;
  • To be part of an international community;
  • To gain a passport for an international career;


Check the list of available destinations for AY 2017/2018 selections (2018/2019 mobility) here!

Check the Timing for the 2017/2018 selections (2018/2019 mobility), now online!

Enter the "Voices from participants" section to get direct feedbacks on the Double Degree!


For any further information please refer to:

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Double Degree
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