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Welcome Days- BSc programs taught in English

Useful info, exciting programs, new friends

Your Bocconi learning experience starts on 29 August 2018 with the welcome and academic activities. Meet faculty, make friends and have fun!


Orientation Meeting
29 August , 10:00 am
Aula Magna Via Roentgen 1
Important information on student administration, foreign languages and computer courses that will help you manage your daily life as a Bocconi student, including a presentation of campus life activities

Welcome from the Rector and the Dean of the Undergraduate School
31 August, 12:00 pm
Aula Magna Via Roentgen 1
Gianmario Verona, Rector
Annalisa Prencipe, Dean, Undergraduate School


Welcome from the Program Directors

Attend the official welcome session from your program director and get to know current students, buddies and student representatives for each class. An informal networking cocktail with classmates and professors will follow each session

  • International Economics and Finance
    31 August , 16:30 pm
    Aula Magna Via Gobbi
    Introduction to the program
    Paolo Colla, Director

  • International Economics and Management
    3 September, 12:00pm
    Aula Magna Via Roentgen 1
    Introduction to the program
    Ariela Caglio, Director

  • Economics and Management for Arts, Culture and Communication
    3 September, 12:00 pm
    Aula N06, Piazza Sraffa 13
    Introduction to the program
    Francesca Beccacece, Director

  • Economic and Social Sciences
    3 September,  12:00 pm
    Aula N07, Piazza Sraffa 13
    Introduction to the program
    Chiara Fumagalli, Director

  • Economics, Management and Computer Science
    3 September, 2:00 pm
    Aula N06, Piazza Sraffa 13
    Introduction to the program
    Emanuele Borgonovo, Director
  • International Politics and Government
    3 September, 2:00 pm
    Aula N07, Piazza Sraffa 13
    Introduction to the program
    Vincenzo Galasso, Director


Math Crash Course
From 29 August
This course consolidates several topics in pre-undegraduate math that will help you begin university courses with more self- confidence and stable knowldeges. These crash courses follow the online “blended” courses delivered online from the month of July accessible through your YoU@B Student Diary.
No enrollment required; timetables available online and in the YoU@B.

Introductory Italian Language Course
From 30 August
Organized by our Language Center for international first-year students to provide them with basic Italian knowledge and help them become familiar with the language. Enrollment on your yoU@B Student Diary from 19 July to 27 August.

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