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Payments: installments and deadlines

AY 2018-19

Deadlines for payments

Installment Period of residence Deadline
1st September 2018 December 2018 Before the check in and by 10/09/2018
2nd January 2019 March 2019 by 10/01/2019
3rd April 2019 July 2019 by 10/04/2019

Consequences when deadlines are not complied

If the student does not pay the due housing fee within 20 days from the deadline specified on the MAV, her/his academic career will be blocked: s/he will not be able to take exams or access University services; such as the library or the dining hall.

Moreover, if the student does not pay the due housing fee within 40 days from the deadline specified on the MAV, s/he will lose the right to apply for an housing placement for the entire duration of her/his program of studies and will have to vacate his/her assigned room immediately. The academic career will be released only after the student has submitted proof of payment for the pending fees.

Payment methods

Payment of housing fees may be completed by using the MAV bank forms. These forms can be printed online and are available in the "Financial Situation-Payments" section in yoU@B agenda.

Payments by MAV may be made through any bank in Italy or online through an Italian home banking system or through the "Scrigno Pago Facile" service. Please remember that the student's badge, if activated for financial services, could be useful for foreign students in order to do MAV payments. For further information please refer to Banca Popolare di Sondrio.

Payments must be made without any changes being made to the MAV form.

Residents who sublease their room for one of the periods indicated above during the 2018-19 a.y will pay on a monthly basis for the months their room is not subleased.

Housing deposit

The penitential deposit of 500 € is to be paid una tantum as a compensation for earlier withdrawals and for “damages”. This payment needs to be done via credit card through Paytool, as indicated in the message sent at the moment of housing reservation. The deposit will be refunded, with no interests, after the end of your housing assignment, on a bank account in your name that you will communicate in the online check out procedure, and only if all the housing payments due have been regularly completed.


Free time residents activities’ contribution and other expenses

€ 20,00 will be charged to the first payment as a contribution for the residents activities and, to each payment, stamp and duty taxes will be applied.

The € 20,00 paid with the first installment will be used as cash fund for each Residence for free time activities and for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance interventions for the Residence, furniture and equipments.

The use of this fund is made upon request of the representatives of each Residence Hall, in agreement with the ISU Bocconi Director.


First installment and subsequent installments

1st installment – payment of the period September - December according to the Residence, room type and ISU bracket applied (reduced rate housing). The 1st installment of the housing annual fee is to be paid before the check-in. The check-in will need to be completed by and no later than September 10th, 2018.            

2nd installment – payment of the period January - March according to the Residence, room type and ISU bracket applied (reduced rate housing).

3rd installment – payment of the period April – July according to the Residence, room type and ISU bracket applied (reduced rate housing).

*the month of July will be charged to students entered after September 30th.


Paid parking is available for cars, motorbikes and bicycles at the Spadolini, Dubini and Isonzo Residences at the following rates:

Period Cars Motorbikes Bicycles
Annual fee € 500.00 € 200.00 free
Monthly fee € 50.00
€ 20.00 free
Daily fee € 5.00
€ 2.00 free

Please be aware that parking areas are not guarded. Bocconi University and the management of Bocconi Residences are not responsible for thefts and damages to bicycles, motorbikes and cars parked in the parking lots.

Before payment, check availability at the Reception of the Residence.

Students will be able to purchase parking only online through “Paytool”.

The online Paytool procedure is accessible here:

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