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On this webpage, you can find some frequently asked questions about tuition and fees, regarding:




1. I completed the payment, but there is still the status “non pagato” with the “red button” on my yoU@B agenda. Why? When will it be updated?

The payment registration procedure is automatic and 3-4 business days are required for the procedure. In case of international payments, the procedure may take up to 10 business days. For further information, click here.

 2. I need an invoice and/or a receipt of payment of my tuition and fees: how can I get this?

Bocconi University does not provide any invoice related to tuition and fees. Payment receipts are provided directly by the bank in charge of the transaction. Students may request a certificate about the amounts of tuition and fees paid through the “Self declarations print” and/or the “Cert@B - Certifications request” procedures, available in the yoU@B agenda. 

3. The deadline of my payment expired and I have not paid it yet. Should I ask for a new MAV slip?

You can use the same MAV slip even if the deadline has expired. Please remember that for each payment of tuition and fees completed after the deadline, a penalty fine of € 100.00 is applied once the delayed payment is registered. For further information, also regarding suspension of teaching and administrative services, click here.

4. I cannot complete enrollment for the academic year: why?

In your “Financial situation – Payments” section, please verify which MAV slips have not been paid, including those related to penalty fines. You are required to pay them as soon as possible. In order to speed up the process, we strongly suggest you pay at the bank agency on campus or online. For further information, click here.

5. I received a reminder of payment even though I have already paid my tuition and fees installment. Why?

Our reminders are sent automatically. As specified in the message, in case you have already paid via MAV, you have to wait 3-4 business days from the date of payment in order to see the update on your “Financial situation – Payments” section.

6. My parents and I are abroad and we are having issues paying via MAV slip. How can I manage to pay my tuition and fees? Could I have Bocconi University’s IBAN code?

Tuition and fees must be paid using the proper MAV slips to be downloaded in the “Financial situation – Payments” section of your yoU@B agenda. MAV slips can be paid at any Italian bank agency and/or ATM machine. Please verify the settings of your personal home banking regarding online payment methods. If you do not own an Italian bank account we would suggest you:

  • Verify online payment possibilities by credit card through Scrigno Pago Facile
  • Activate the financial services of your student ID card “Carta Ateneo” as a pre-paid card at Banca Popolare di Sondrio. In this way you could pay MAV slips easily, online or at any desk or ATM machine of the bank. Please consider that the pre-paid credit card has a specific IBAN code that can also be loaded through international wire transfer.

For further information, click here.


7. I paid on the date of expiry and the penalty fine was charged. Why?

Please verify the date when the bank processed the transaction on the receipt of payment. Kindly remember that it is the student’s responsibility to make sure that the bank completes the payment by and not later than the date of expiry. If the payment order has been given within the deadline but the payment is processed by the bank after the deadline, the penalty fine has been charged correctly. For further information, click here.

8. Is the penalty fine of € 100 charged for each day of delay on tuition and fees installments?

No. The penalty fine of € 100 is charged for all late payments of tuition and fees, but the amount of the penalty fines is always € 100 and does not depend on the number of days of delay. For further information, click here.

9. I’m late in paying the installment of tuition and fees. Where do I find the MAV slip for the penalty fine?

The MAV slips related to penalty fines are generated by the system after the late payment of the tuition installment has been registered. You will need to wait for the automatic registration of the late payment on your yoU@B agenda in the “Financial Situation - Payments" section in order to see the MAV slip for the penalty fine. The MAV will be available in the same section of your agenda. For further information, click here.


10. I’m late with my tuition and fees payments. When will I be suspended?

The suspension of teaching and administrative services will start from the 31st day following the expiry date. For further information, click here.

11. I have been suspended from teaching and administrative services. What should I do?

The suspension will be automatically removed once the payment has been registered on your yoU@B agenda in the “Financial Situation - Payments" section. Please remember that the registration process is automatic and it usually takes 3-4 business days. In case of international payments, the registration may take up to 10 business days. For further information, click here.


12. I am a final-year student “fuori corso”: which installments do I have to pay?

Please verify the Regulations on our website based on your specific situation and the available graduation sessions. For more information, click here.

13. I am a final-year student “fuori corso” and, based on my situation and the graduation session I will attend, I am eligible for a tuition and fees reduction. However, on my Punto Blu, I see the MAV slips for the entire academic year. Why?

If you are enrolled in the academic year, the MAV slips are correctly available for the entire academic year on your Punto Blu because the system does not know which graduation session you will attend. Please verify the reductions available based on your situation and graduation session and pay the MAV slips you are required to pay. For more information, click here.

14. I cannot enroll to the graduation session because of an irregular financial situation. Why?

Please verify the “Financial Situation - Payments" section on your yoU@B agenda, there must be one or more unpaid MAV slips. Kindly print and pay the MAV as soon as possible online or at the nearest bank in order to speed up the registration process. For further information, click here.


15. I am entitled to receive a reimbursement from Bocconi University but the money has not been credited to my account yet. Why?

If your reimbursement application has been submitted recently, please be aware of the fact that, due to organizational reasons, the reimbursement process is carried out as a collective procedure.

Please remember that the indication of your personal bank account information is mandatory and that the bank account has to be registered in the student’s name.

Also, make sure that you have updated your bank details on your Punto Blu [Home > Personal data > Data Bank Account (Refunds)]. 

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