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Since the training is a formative experience and therefore not comparable to employment, it has to be intended for free.
However, it remains at discretion of each company to recognize to the trainee a financial compensation, usually defined educational grant, especially in the case of extra-curricular trainings.
Moreover, scholarships for the development of internships are provided by:

ISU / Università Bocconi (Contributions to national and international internships)
For students who perform an internship in public bodies in Italy or in international organizations, institutions and companies abroad, for which no compensation is provided, some contributions supplied by Università Bocconi are available. For modalities of assignation and related forms, see the ISU download area.
EUROPEAN UNION (EU Grants for internships): Erasmus Student Placement
The Erasmus+ Program gives students scholarships for curricular internships in companies, research centers and some international organizations located in the countries participating to the program. Information on internship's length and location, amount of financial assistance, recipients and eligibility, institutions and companies involved are available here.

These scholarships are not cumulative.

Please note that Internships obtained through the Embassy Program cannot be considered for any of the above, since selected interns obtain an allowance (“indennità di partecipazione”) of €1500.00 for the entire duration of the internship. 

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