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2019/20 A.Y. Special programs

Bocconi University offers three strongly international MSc Programs:


Each candidate interested in the CEMS MIM Program, CHINA MIM Program, ESSEC-Bocconi Double Degree must apply online, expressing their own preferences.

Each option is indipendent from the other MSc or Programs. In particular:

  • CEMS MIM and CHINA MIM programs are independent choices from International Management;
  • ESSEC-Bocconi Double Degree program is an independent choice from Management in English.

Please note that, for International Candidates, the choice of the CHINA MIM program in the application will be available in the first 4 rounds of selection but, due to deadlines compatibility, interested candidates are strongly recommended to apply by the 3rd round. 


Admission to the CEMS MIM, CHINA MIM, ESSEC-Bocconi DD Program is quite selective.

Students are selected for their outstanding profile:

  • high academic standards and professional skills;
  • ability to perform effectively in a fast changing environment;
  • empathy with different cultures, values and behaviors;
  • willingness to take responsibilities within society;

The key selection criteria will be assessed through written and/or online application documents and through a personal/video assessment interview.

In addition to the elements of evaluation, valid for all the MSc programs (that can vary according to the category of applicants), the Admission Committee needs to evaluate the intellectual potential & knowledge of candidates, together with their international orientation and motivation for the programs.

For this reason, for the selection are required further specific elements of evaluation:

  1. a specific statement of motivation;
  2. languages requirement;
  3. "SPECIAL PROGRAMS VIDEO INTERVIEW" (compulsory) the Admissions Committee needs to evaluate your Communication skills, critical thinking, interpersonal competences. If required, the Committee can also do phone/skype interviews.


After the outcomes are released, applicants have nearly 2 weeks in order to confirm the place offered and to pay:

  • the advance payment on the first Bocconi installment fee (equl to 2075 Euro)
  • the specific Administrative fee requested to confirm participation to the Double Degree Program (equal to 2000 Euro)

Special requirements are necessary for each of the 3 programs.
In particular, students applying to Essec – Bocconi DD Program are required to provide a minimum of 600 GMAT Score (or an official GRE equivalent to GMAT 600, with at least 150 in the quantitative an verbal section) by the set deadlines.

Please check information here

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