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Sensus Access

Application for Converting Files into Accessible Formats

What Is SensusAccess

Sensus Access is a tool that can automatically convert documents and web pages into a range of alternative and accessible formats.

The application offers four types of services:

  • accessibility: otherwise inaccessible documents – such as image files in GIF, TIFF, JPG, BMP, PCX, DCX, J2K, JP2, JPX, DJV formats and image-only PDFs, as well as all types of PDF files – can be converted into files with more accessible formats, including tagged PDF, DOC, DOCX, Word XML, XLS, XLSX, CVS, text, RTF and HTML.
  • audio: documents can be converted into simple MP3 files.
  • e-books: documents can be converted into EPUB, EPUB3, EPUB3 with multimedia overlays and Mobi Pocket (Amazon Kindle) e-book formats. Also, the EPUB format can be converted to Mobi Pocket and vice versa.
  • Braille: documents can be converted to and from Braille format. Documents can be formatted, outlined and delivered as print-ready files in a variety of digital Braille formats.

Who Can Access It

Sensus Access is an application specially designed for academic institutions. It is provided free of charge by Bocconi University to students, faculty and staff at the University and SDA for educational purposes and inclusive teaching.


How It Works

  1. Upload the document (or a link to a web page) to SensusAccess
  2. Select the format you want the document to be converted to
  3. Enter your email address.
  4. When your document is ready (after it has been converted), an email will be sent to your inbox.
  5. Download the document from the email. The processed file will then be available for 7 days. After this deadline, the file will automatically be deleted from the server.

Important: the quality of the converted file depends on the quality of the original file. Therefore, only clearly legible documents should be uploaded.  


Terms of Use

  • The user of the service is solely responsible for the information contained in the files that are uploaded to SensusAccess. Therefore, documents containing personal data or confidential information should not be uploaded.
  • The use of SensusAccess for processing copyrighted materials may constitute an infringement of copyright. The end user is solely responsible and shall indemnify the University from and against any claims regarding the improper use of this service by the end user. 


Information on the Data Processing Carried Out by the SensusAccess Provider (Sensus Aps)

  • The use of SensusAccess does not require users to register for the service, which is integrated into the University's systems. SensusAccess does not collect personal information from users.
  • The SensusAccess document conversion process is fully automated without any human intervention. Documents uploaded by the user are received on the SensusAccess server, processed and the result is returned to the user via email (which was entered at the bottom of the conversion form). The document uploaded by the user is subsequently deleted from the SensusAccess servers. Converted documents, available via encrypted links, are stored on SensusAccess servers for up to seven days and then deleted.
  • SensusAccess does not use cookies to track, collect or store user data or preferences, but only to manage anonymous session data.
  • All transaction logs are made anonymous and SensusAccess does not collect, store, transmit or otherwise manage personal information, or any other type of information sent by users to the service for conversion. Furthermore, SensusAccess does not share user information with third parties.
  • The SensusAccess service is hosted on servers in the SensusAccess data center in Denmark. The facility is monitored and access is limited to authorized personnel. All servers are installed with state-of-the-art anti-malware protection and updated with the latest security level. Conversion requests sent by email may be detected, processed and stored in spam filters and other malware protection systems.

By clicking on the ACCEPT  AND CONTINUE link, I declare that I have read the Privacy Policy on the Processing of Personal data and accept the conditions of use.

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