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Pane Quotidiano Initiative

Pane Quotidiano is a nonreligious and nonpolitical non-profit organization located only 200 meters from the Bocconi campus. Every day, it supports the poorest segments of the population free of charge, providing them with food and clothing.

You don’t need to cross borders to find people living in situations of great hardship, in need of our help. Every day, Pane Quotidiano plays an important role supporting those in need very close to Bocconi campus.


Would you like to donate a few hours of your time to this collective solidarity project?

You can donate part of your time to help out in Pane Quotidiano’s endeavors, in particular the following kinds of activities: 

  • distributing food
    when: every morning, Mondays through Saturdays
    hours: 8am-12:30pm max.
    where: Viale Toscana n. 28 or viale Monza n. 335
  • selecting and sorting the food that is distributed in the mornings
    when: every afternoon, Mondays through Fridays
    hours: 2:00-4:30 pm max.
    where: Viale Toscana n. 28

You can choose the activity or activities that suit you best, and plan your participation based on your own obligations. Participation is variable based on your availability and can be easily expressed thanks to a software specifically developed.  


Make a Difference, Become a volunteer!

Follow the instructions available on this page to become a volunteer at Pane Quotidiano through the Bocconi project.

Campus Life is available for any questions you may have.

Join us!


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