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Community Days

Community Days is an opportunity for anyone to contribute to social issues, even if they don’t have much time. On the two days of the event, members of the Bocconi community – students, faculty and staff, all working together – can donate a few hours of their free time to volunteering.

Taking part in Community Days doesn't require any specific training. The only requirement is a desire to be helpful with a smile and care to anyone who is in need.

There is a wide variety of opportunities available: from children to the elderly, from culture to marginalization. 


The fifth edition of Community Days will be held on February 2018, Friday 23 pm and Saturday 24 am.

On February, from 5th to 14th, it will be possible to register by filling out the form online (here havailable) and indicate 2 preferences among the Associations available.
The selected preferences will be assigned on the first come, first served criteria, as long as vacancies are left in the slot.

The full list of Associations will be soon available on the italian webpage


Corso di Porta Vigentina 15
Area of activity: Nighttime assistance to homeless individuals
Description of the association: Manages a temporary dormitory for homeless individuals on behalf of the city.
Association link:
Description of activity: Welcome and register guests, distribute dinner and breakfast, listen, share a human connection aimed at restoring dignity.
The ideal volunteer: Punctual, empathetic, open to relationships, sensitive, able to listen and share with anyone undergoing an experience of poverty and marginalization, available to serve others
Notes: Volunteers should bring a heavy sleep bag and a small pillow, and dress warmly for the night, wearing simple and practical clothing.

Via Aldini 74
Area of activity: Sorting clothing
Description of the association: A reception center for homeless individuals with addiction problems, with a portfolio of services for families, indigent adults, elderly who are struggling, refugees and asylum applicants. Our Objective: help each person achieve autonomy.
Association link:
Description of activity: Progetto Arca wardrobe activities. Clothing for more than 2,000 guests welcomed in Milan, Lecco and Varese are prepared with care and in an orderly manner. Small groups will be organized to sort the donated clothing with the aim of providing a clean change of clothes every day at the centers.
The ideal volunteer: Practical with a desire to help anyone experiencing poverty and marginalization, available to serve others.
Notes: warm and comfortable attire/sportswear

Piazza Tirana 32
Area of activity: Study assistance lab
Description of the association: Active in Italy and around the world in the areas of culture, ecology, civil protection and social issues, Progetto di Aiuto allo Studio Solidale (PASS) is dedicated to secondary school students, with the aim of providing them with assistance in their studies, fighting school drop-out rates and helping them approach the world of volunteering.
Association link:
Description of activity: An education lab for tutors volunteering in the PASS project. Practical activities and simulations are completed to get familiar with methodologies and typical situations in after-school programs and sessions to prepare teaching material to support classes.
The ideal volunteer: Tutors volunteering in the PASS project are young people who want to get involved and pass on their passion and drive for learning to children. This is why good listening and conversation skills are essential.

Via G.B. Boeri, 3
Area of activity: Assistance to the elderly / homeless individuals
Description of the association: Day center for adults and the elderly with socio-economic hardships, mostly homeless, who are offered primary care services, but also the chance to share spaces and socialization activities.
Association link:
Description of activity: After a presentation of the activity, volunteers will share some recreational activities (card games, bocce, chess or even just conversation) with the guests. At noon guests will be served lunch.
The ideal volunteer: Willingness to meet struggling adult and elderly people, who are often homeless.

Centro Educativo Fuoriclasse presso Istituto Comprensivo via Pareto, via Sapri 50
Area of activity: Remodeling
Description of the association: Save the Children is an international organization that has worked to save the lives of children and help them fulfil their potential since 1919.
Association link:
Description of activity: volunteers will participate in decorating the wall of the Centro Educativo Fuoriclasse using the decoupage technique, embellishing the place where children do Fuoriclasse activities
The ideal volunteer: a willingness to “get their hands dirty.” You don’t need to be a great artist to contribute to decorating the wall.
Notes: The decoupage technique consists in cutting images from magazines and gluing them on the wall. Comfortable clothing that can get dirty are recommended.

Zero5 – LABORATORIO DI UTOPIE METROPOLITANE Coop. Soc. - Via Guarneri location
Via Guarneri 21
Zero5 – LABORATORIO DI UTOPIE METROPOLITANE Coop. Soc. - Via Palmieri location
Via Palmieri 20
Zero5 – LABORATORIO DI UTOPIE METROPOLITANE Coop. Soc. - Via Saponaro location
Via Saponaro 30
Zero5 – LABORATORIO DI UTOPIE METROPOLITANE Coop. Soc. - Via Verro location
Via Verro 84
Area of activity: Study assistance
Description of the association: It carries out educational projects inside and outside the school that aim to support children during their growth, helping them recognize their abilities and develop new ones, learn to trust themselves and work well with others.
Association link:
Description of activity: The day will open with a game, aimed at breaking the ice and establishing a calm and communicative environment. Then volunteers will be paired with kids to help them do homework. Then there will be a snack time.
The ideal volunteer: Willing to get involved, they are good listeners, empathetic, interested in recognizing the specific needs of the minor’s developmental stage and demonstrating, through their example, a possible direction, without imposing their own experience.

Community Days have been organized in collaboration with CIESSEVI and the student association Students for Humanity.

Bocconi is social. And you?



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