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Covid-19 Emergency

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The health emergency we are facing has undoubtedly deeply affected all our lives, but it has also demonstrated the Bocconi community's capacity for resilience and innovation. Further responsible actions are required from everyone at an individual and collective level.

Bocconi University manages on-campus services and activities in compliance with the regulations and indications of local and national authorities.

The University aims to stay in touch with the entire community, including students, faculty and staff, with regular communications and updates.



22 January 2021

To students and Faculty members in Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, Integrated Master of Arts Programs, and staff

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

We hope you have had a peaceful and productive time during the end of year break and that you and your families are in good health. We are writing to update you on the resumption of courses for the upcoming semester.

As you know, the general situation, between the management of the vaccination plan and the containment of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, does not yet allow us to plan the schedule or the procedures for resuming activities in person.

Under the current conditions established by the Prime Ministerial Decree (DPCM) of 14 January 2021 in force until 5 March, we will be able to guarantee use of the hybrid teaching model if Lombardy (our Region) is not designated as a "red zone" in the upcoming provisions, issued every two weeks.
This model combines in-person and remote teaching, the same types of lessons already implemented at the beginning in the first semester.

Specifically, we must hope that statistics at the end of January show that Lombardy is no longer a "red zone". We will promptly notify you upon receipt of that news from the proper authorities, meaning that with the start of the 2nd semester on 4 February, teaching activities can be held in person according to the hybrid model.

Alternatively, in any periods when Lombardy is considered a "red zone", all teaching will in any case be guaranteed via remote delivery, applying the methods already tested with positive results in the second part of the previous semester.

Our intention is to maintain this system over the course of the semester, with regular communications that will anticipate any changes in the situation. Despite this complexity, we are sure that in this semester we will be able to guarantee our commitment to the highest possible quality of all teaching and research as well as related support activities, as we have done until now. This is possible thanks to the contributions and availability of each of you, faculty, students and staff, who together with our Alumni combine in making Bocconi stronger and more cohesive. Your efforts have allowed the University to keep growing right through this complicated period.

And so we are starting this new year, with enthusiasm and in the hope of meeting again on our beautiful Campus. The Campus has always stayed open to ensure all necessary operations – not even the "red zone" could close it. This is thanks to our investment in structures, equipment, and people to make it as safe as possible, plus strict enforcement of the rules we are all required to respect for the protection of our health and that of our colleagues.

Even during any "red zone" periods, when in-person teaching is not possible, faculty will always be able to use the classrooms and facilities of the University to hold lessons and other activities at the times set by the academic calendar. Study places in the library and other University facilities are always available for students, subject to prior booking and in compliance with the safety protocols adopted by the University.

We will provide all the indications, protocols and rules to follow in a specific communication, and we emphasize that they are especially important in the case of resuming in-person teaching activities. These concern: compliance with the signage installed to avoid gatherings and guarantee distancing; following instructions from security officers; and mandatory, proper use of personal protective equipment and compliance with preventive health and hygiene regulations (temperature measurement, obligatory masking, use of disinfectant gel, and so on). We remind you that we have provided for the permanent presence of an ambulance, an infirmary at Via Bocconi 12 and the new medical center at Piazza Sraffa 11 (by reservation).

For any emergencies, please call immediately the number 02 / 5836.2121, which will also be connected to several S.O.S. stations arranged in various points of the Campus.
In any case, you can write to hse@unibocconi.it to get information or clarifications on Campus safety, or to report your health concerns.

We conclude by thanking you once again for your understanding and for your commitment in everything you do, which is what allows us to overcome contingent limitations beyond our control and the objective difficulties of an extraordinary situation.

Warmest greetings to you and your families and heartfelt wishes to everyone for a good second semester.

Gianmario Verona Rector, Riccardo Taranto Managing Director

7 October 2020

Regarding the cases of Covid-19 that have been detected in the Castiglioni Residence since Sunday 4 October, Bocconi University is operating according to the health protocol and in collaboration and close coordination with the ATS. In the interest of public health and to protect the health of the entire Bocconi community, the measures adopted provide that:

  • Those who tested positive are placed in quarantine in single rooms until virological recovery is attested by 2 negative swabs
  • All Castiglioni residents must remain in quarantine for 14 days, starting from 4 October

Residents will be guaranteed all hospitality services (meal service, ordinary and special cleaning, medical assistance).

At the same time, the University is organizing a screening campaign via rapid antigen swab to be carried out on all students in Bocconi residences to reassure them and their families.

Teaching activity will proceed as before and the students in quarantine will continue to follow their lessons online.

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