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Why a Bocconi MSc?

At Bocconi, you will become part of an internationally recognized community established through decades of excellence in teaching and research. Our recently expanded modern campus is in the heart of Milan, a cosmopolitan and bustling city where young people from all over the world come to live and study.

Internationally oriented, flexible curricula, innovative teaching methods and a global network of partner schools and employers are a few of the features that make our Master of Science programs unique. Your time at Bocconi will be a valuable experience, both while on campus and for your future.

Choosing a Bocconi Master of Science degree is a smart move for a lot of reasons, providing you with the opportunity to:

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Study at a Leading European University

In recent years, Bocconi has progressively improved its reputation and quality, as testified by very positive trends in the most prestigious international rankings in the areas of economics, management. finance and social sciences in general.

Interact with Faculty at the Front Line of Innovation and Research

Our faculty conduct both theoretical and applied research at the cutting-edge of various areas of the social sciences. This work is increasingly interdisciplinary and strategic: many projects are coordinated by Bocconi research centers, laboratories and units in collaboration with companies and institutions. The resulting innovation, knowledge – and further research horizons – then spill over to become the focus of our programs.

Enter a Global Network

Our extensive network is made up of:

  • 280+ partner schools
  • 4,000 employers
  • 135,000+ alumni worldwide
Students can take advantage of these contacts for a unique educational experience and remarkable career opportunities.

Be Part of an Open and Multicultural Community

We are a truly international university: representing more than 100 countries worldwide our students and faculty pursue a policy of tolerance and openness.
Bocconi’s diverse and open community makes our campus an inclusive place where languages, experiences, cultures and ideas are exchanged on a daily basis, resulting in professional but also personal growth.

Build an International Curriculum

During the second year, you will be able to choose from a rich array of international programs lasting one semester or even one year. Bocconi is a founding member of the prestigious CEMS Global Alliance in Management Education - the only Italian university in the network. Moreover, a wide range of Joint and Double Degree programs in 20 countries with 37 leading universities have been developed. Bocconi also offers over 500 qualified opportunities located on six continents through the Exchange Program. As part of your MSc, you will study at least two EU languages and learn to tackle every subject from an international perspective with professors from around the world. All this contributes to fostering the development of leading citizens of our globalized world.

Bocconi offers a range of soft skills seminars and your choice of a variety of Enhancing Experiences – curricular supplementary activities. These include courses on programming and other IT skills, non-EU language and culture, study tours, media experience and geopolitics workshops, which will prepare you for today’s collaborative and rapidly-evolving work environments.

Take Advantage of Preferential Relations with Top Employers

Bocconi students and graduates have a variety of opportunities to get in touch with actual employers worldwide. An internship in Italy or abroad is compulsory for all programs and you can even do more than one. You can also participate in our job fairs organized in Milan, Brussels, London, Paris and Shanghai with international recruiters, and get advice from a career consultant for your MSc and personalized career services throughout the job search process. This is why 97,1% of our MSc graduates are employed one year after graduation. 

Experience a Vibrant Campus in Downtown Milan

At Bocconi, you will have many opportunities to experience an active and exciting time outside the classroom, by participating in sports, cultural activities, entertainment, student associations, student-run media and volunteering.
In recent years, the campus has evolved to increasingly focus on sustainable issues and the safety and wellbeing of our community: a new area of the campus includes a student dorm, a new location for the business school, plus a sport center with an Olympic-size pool and a park that are open to the public.

Bocconi is in the heart of Milan, a European business, financial and cultural hub, where history merges with modernity, tradition with innovation. Located just a 10-minute walk from the city center, the campus is sustainable, innovative and safe. 

As a Bocconi MSc graduate, you’ll have an experience that goes beyond a narrow specialization to include valuable international exposure and at least one significant internship - items that could really make the difference on your CV.

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