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Exchange Program

The Bocconi University Exchange Program includes the Erasmus LLP Program, and enables students to experience a long period of studying abroad, according to bilateral agreements with 281 universities in 54 countries on all continents. The universities involved in the Program are the most highly selected institutions in the fields of Management, Economics, Law and economics-based Social Sciences worldwide.

The Exchange Program is open to graduate students regularly enrolled in their 1st year of a Bocconi Master of Science Program. Students will be able to attend a single term at one of the foreign universities during their 2nd year, after passing a selection, and just during the academic year the selection is related to. Courses taken abroad can be then recognized according to some rules and procedures students must respect.

Advanced Economics Exchange Program for Finance and ESS students
Bocconi has been adding top institutions in Economics and Social Sciences to its network of international partner schools. Bocconi's latest agreements of cooperation are with Yale University and University of Wisconsin-Madison.
With this unique, challenging Program, up to four Economic and Social Sciences students will have the opportunity to spend their entire 2nd year at one of these prestigious institutions, attending their PhD program in Economics.
The selected students will spend the first and the second  semester abroad.


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