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International Opportunities

Participating in international programs is an extraordinary chance for students to grow and improve both their academic and personal skills in a multicultural environment. Bocconi University believes in the importance of international programs. For this reason, during recent years the University has developed long-lasting partnerships with prestigious universities and institutions worldwide.

Around 4,000 opportunities are available to MSc students each year:

  • 37 Joint and Double Degree partner schools in 20 countries
  • more than 2,000 slots within the Exchange Program, over 600 slots at the graduate level 
  • 1,400+ internships and work abroad opportunities

International opportunities are available to MSc students enrolled in their 2nd year and over 50% of MSc students who apply spend a semester or an academic year abroad.

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Our Network

280+ Partner Schools in 55 countries


  • > 113 partners
  • > 9 of the top 10 Business Schools


  • > 56 partners
  • > 12 of the top 13 Social Sciences and Management Universities

North America

  • > 71 partners
  • > 11 of the top 12 US Business Schools 
  • > 14 of the top 18 US Departments of Economics
  • > 8 of the top 9 Social Sciences and Management Universities in Canada

Latin America

  • > 22 partners
  • > 7 of the top 9 Business Schools


  • > 14 partners
  • > the top 11 Social Sciences and Management Universities


  • > 10 partners

Double Degrees

Bocconi has developed Double Degree programs in cooperation with prestigious Universities in Europe, Japan, Singapore, China, India, Brazil, the US, Canada, Australia.

The Double Degree program offers graduate students the chance to spend one year at Bocconi, acquiring core knowledge and skills, and to specialize in their field of interest while attending one year at an international host institution.
Provided that the academic requirements of both institutions have been met, students of the Double Degree program receive both Bocconi's Laurea Magistrale and a graduate degree (usually a Master of Science) from the partner institution.
The program requires the student to attend an entire academic year abroad, with an estimated overall involvement up to two and a half years. Students develop diversity of thought, international management competencies and a truly global mindset. These programs aim to prepare the future business leaders of Europe to handle global development and integration.

Exchange Program

The Bocconi University Exchange Program includes the Erasmus Program, and enables students to experience a long period of studying abroad, according to bilateral agreements with more than 280 universities in 55 countries on six continents. The universities involved in the Program are the most highly selected institutions in the fields of Management, Economics, Law and economics-based Social Sciences worldwide.

The Exchange Program is open to graduate students regularly enrolled in their 1st year of a Bocconi Master of Science Program. Selected students can then attend a single term at one of the international universities during their 2nd year. Courses taken abroad can then be recognized according to the rules and procedures for course recognition.

CEMS MIM Program






A founding member of CEMS in 1988, Bocconi offers a selected number of students the opportunity to complete the Master of Science in International Management with the CEMS MIM program. 
Admission to the program takes place at the same time as admission to the MSc.


The one-year CEMS MIM degree program, jointly designed by the universities and the corporate partners that shape the CEMS network, is exclusively open to students studying at its prestigious member universities. It  provides a selected group of the best European and non-European students with the knowhow and expertise needed to succeed in today's international business environment.

Designed by both academic and business leaders, the CEMS MIM program connects a university education with business expertise and is therefore able to offer keen insights into management best practices.

This degree is a natural choice for students with an excellent academic track record and the potential to take on senior international management roles. The CEMS MIM study plan includes not only innovative interdisciplinary courses but also seminars and real case studies in order to develop the necessary skills to work on international teams.

CEMS MIM also offers an outstanding level of cultural diversity. Almost 18,000 CEMS alumni with over 100 nationalities currently occupy positions at various management levels in a broad range of industry sectors across the world.

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