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Partners for Development Program

Why become a Partner Company

The Partners for Development Program (“Programma Partner per lo Sviluppo”) was established to foster dialogue on issues of common interest between Bocconi University and a small and selected group of companies.Since 1996 the Program has been:

  • promoting interchange and collaboration between the University and the business community to create innovative projects of mutual interest;
  • sustaining a privileged network between the Bocconi community and the Partner;
  • contributing to Bocconi’s development by funding valuable initiatives for students and Faculty.

Partner are involved through their participation in the Development Committee and the Coordinating Committee.

  • The Development Committee is the forum through which the Partners' top management and the University meet and agree on the Program’s strategic direction and the areas of cooperation.
  • The Coordinating Committee is a working group of managers appointed by each Partner.
    Its objective is to create a dialogue between the companies and the University on areas of common interest, defining projects involving Bocconi’s Faculty and staff.

For further information:
Corporate Relations
Development Office
Tel. +39 02 5836 2349

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